The Evolutionary Tarot | Yes/No questions | Artist’s Advice
Artist's Advice , Decks , Tarot , Waite-Smith / 4 July 2017

Let’s face it, we all have (had) clients who want specific ‘Yes or No’ answers to their questions.  Although, I have always believed that the future was not encrypted in a great document somewhere, I do recognize there is a need for clients to have this kind of answer.  To that end, I have created a spread to handle this kind situation.

Hartnett opens up about road to his Evolutionary Tarot
Interview , Tarot , Waite-Smith / 5 August 2016

His Kickstarter failed but that didn’t stop Richard Hartnett from continuing his tarot project. He wants brainchild, the Evolutionary Journey Tarot deck, to be published anyway. And indeed, it seems as though this traditional, yet ‘revolutionary’, piece of art is going to see the light of day. You can jump on that moving train and be a part of it. An interview with its conductor.

Richard Hartnett | Myth vlog
Multimedia , Mythology , Review / 7 November 2015

Myths and mythology linked to daily life. Ask Richard Hartnett and he’ll do it for you. And there’s even tarot in there! Quantum Spirituality just started with these video’s on myth but I’ve already seen two interesting vlogs, about vampires and zombies. Food for thought in a lecture-ish way. He reminds me of one of my old history professors, but don’t worry; not snoring-inducing. He also uses loads of other resources to reference, in case you are inspired. Quantum Mythology by Richard FacebookPinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblr