Arcana Case by Tarotista
Oracle , Paraphernalia , Recommendation , Tarot / 2 March 2016

While tarot bags come in all forms and sizes, home made, factory made and sometimes as the result of an out-of-control knitting hobby, there are rarely worth writing about. Not in this case though. So, if you now think: ‘darn it. Just what I need. Another tarot related product to add to my ever growing wish list, then step away from the device. I am about to do some serious gushing!

My tarot bag of the year is no bag, but a case. An Arcana Case to be exact.

Paraphernalia recommendations on The Queen’s Sword
News , Paraphernalia , Recommendation / 29 February 2016

The Queen’s Sword has gained another menu item. Interested in very original or high quality extra’s for your mindfulness practice or tarot business? The Paraphernalia Menu is your place-to-be online!

I want to be as complete as possible when it comes to reviews and decided to expand on the recommendations I already give. That way