Arkartia: New steps for tarot online
App , News , Recommendation , Review , Tarot / 3 May 2017

Arkartia: Kickstarter Tarot Association So Arkartia. What’s that now?
I had promised to tell you a few of my thoughts – if that might help you in your ‘to pledge or not to pledge‘. Augmented reality apps, online communities, digital worlds and characters…they aren’t new in the pc-world, but they are in tarot. That is where the visionary part comes in with the newest project by the Tarot Association (TA): Arkartia. While many tarot readers are still taking their first steps into the whole online learning and sharing thing on (f.e.) Facebook, creators Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin are obviously ready for the next step. Sunday evening, April 30th they launched Arkartia, a combination of an online community, interactive map and accompanied by an app. Full disclosure: I already backed the project because if nothing else: I’d like to be part of new things in tarot (which is why I aptly chose to pledge as Pioneer). I personally think, but have to base that on what I have seen so far, that the project makes the Tarot Association a pioneer in its own right. Setting up a community where people can share within certain locations, integrate blogs, online readings, courses and…

Tarot of Dreams (USGS) | Review
Decks , Review , Tarot / 3 July 2016

The Tarot of Dreams was Ciro Marchetti’s second deck and is still one of his most popular. But as it goes with self-publishing decks not everyone is able to ‘snatch’ one away due to pricing or limited editions. That’s why, when it became clear that US Games got the rights for the mass market edition, loads of people were holding their breath for a good alternative. And specifically that deck, the mass-market Tarot of Dreams, is what this review will be all about.

Tarosophy Awards 2015: winners
News , Tarot / 7 March 2016

The nominations and winners of the sixth annual TAROSOPHY AWARDS are known. 
These price-winners were chosen by several hundred tarot professionals worldwide and will receive promotion in the following year through social networks and the Tarot Association’s magazine Tarosophist International and Facebook Page.

Here is an overview of the Award winners:

Tarot Deck (Mass Market Published) of the Year 2015
Winner: The Green Wit

Mass market edition Tarot of Dreams
News , Tarot / 20 December 2015

The Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti is now available by U.S. Games. The designer self-published his deck in 2005, shortly after one of the highest selling decks ever; The Gilded Tarot. So of course that meant high quality work with a limited print, although unfortunately also for some a price they could not afford. Self-publishing is pricey, and Marchetti always chooses good card stock and excellent additional materials. That has now changed. U.S. Games was able to pick up the rights and print the mass market edition. That means the waiting has ended.  In the deck & booklet the book is still by Lee Bursten, known for his Gay Tarot. U.S. Games has stayed true to Ciro Marchetti’s artwork, but there is just a slight change. The borders have been adapted. The original ones had a frame with squares in which you could see the elemental dignities and astrological correspondences. In the mass market edition Tarot of Dreams, there is no frame, but a black bleeding border that does not really ‘feel’ like a border. In that blackness you will now see the titles and correspondences. Judging from just pictures I have to say I really like this new style…

Distant horizons kipper
Kipper: fin de siècle oracle | Deck Review
Decks , Oracle , Review / 5 December 2015

Creating a deck based on a system that is mostly unknown outside of Germany and Austria and add animation? You could view it as a tricky move, but if you’ve already almost sold out your first print run and publishers want to mass market it (2016), maybe not so much. It seems like Kipper, Fin de Siecle, is another one of Ciro Marchetti’s successes – with most likely many following in his footsteps. So, should you try to get one and/or wait impatiently for the mass….