Dead Waite & Trippin Waite | Sneak Peek

16 July 2018

Trippin Waite sneak preview deck The Queen's SwordBattersby& Aguilar is at it again! With two new tarot projects on their hands, both definitely screaming cheeky, I am sure lovers AND haters will rise again. Me, I am just showing you what it is all about… (uh-huh. I have no opinion about this AT ALL…*cough*)

The deck designers aren’t afraid to choose themes and angles that will get him (& her) kicked off online forums or lead to loads of hate mail. Usually from readers who prefer their tarot as unchanged as possible. And otherwise at least not with a huge wink or what they see as a political statement for example. Well, if you’re more of a purist this is your chance to turn away.

If you like your tarot as long as it tarot: voila! Meet Dead Waite and The Trippin’ Waite. Hey…I warned you about the cheek, didn’t I?

Both decks have been, as the title tells you, inspired by the well-known and globally most used Waite-Smith deck. Battersby & co uses Pixie’s drawings for the pattern, but adds a macabre atmosphere with here and there some rotting flesh to the one and LSD-induced visions and groovy outfits to the other. The result is…well definitely colourful. I think the Dead Waite will be an acquired taste, you don’t need to be a purist to steer away from tongue-in-cheek or themed decks, I know that.

Dead Waite Trippin Waite sneak preview deck The Queen's SwordDead Waite Trippin Waite sneak preview deck The Queen's Sword









Dead Waite Trippin Waite sneak preview deck The Queen's SwordHowever, the Dead Waite is probably, even more so than the – actually quite popular – Twisted Tarot Tales comic horror deck they created in 2016 (deck review), a deck that will get the nastier responses because of the zombies, even though a beginner could most likely read with this deck as easily as with the original WCS. And that is something I always appreciate. Sometimes the most beautiful decks fall flat once you put them to the test.

No matter what you think of James and Christine’s artistic endeavours, they do know their tarot patterns. At least when it comes to the WCS (Where’s my crazy Thoth?). As always every card is immediately recognisable. Even when the King of Sword’s bowels are hanging out or The Fool is obviously high as a kite and flying off that rock. Or so he thinks…

When it comes down to it, I assume the 60’s vibe of The Trippin’ Waite deck might actually be something a large group of readers will respond to positively. As positively as the deck looks. Simply because it oozes happiness instead of putrid human remains!

Dead Waite Trippin Waite sneak preview deck The Queen's SwordDead Waite Trippin Waite sneak preview deck The Queen's Sword








Me? I can’t WAITE to see the rest…
(I know, it is an old joke, but it works so well here. Yes, it does!)
And, James, if you want to know where to send those review copies to, my new address is on the contact page 😉

To follow the progress on both Tarot projects – the Trippin deck being the newest – it is best to befriend the duo on their King’s Journey FB page -named after one of their first tarot decks.