19 September 2017

Sponsor The Queen’s Sword

All costs for The Queen’s Sword are paid by yours truly. While I’ll happily accept review copies in exchange for an honest review, many decks, books and products are still paid for by me. I want The Queen’s Sword to be a true resource for all level readers and providing information on as many sorts of cartomancy as possible. Honest and well-rounded too. That means a multitude of releases way beyond my own taste,  learning new systems in courses, the necessity of a good hosting service with a lot of server space, plus a website design to accommodate all reviews and features. Unfortunately not every designer, author or even publisher is willing to hand out free copies, for several reasons (one of them being the fact I do not reside in the US), and good hosting isn’t cheap.

So that means I have invested a lot and remain to cover the yearly costs of:

  • Out-of-the-box work: decks + books
  • Titles that are expected to be(come) popular
  • Unique products/paraphernalia
  • Expenses for hosting & domain
  • Necessary changes to design and trouble shooting on tech issues
  • Courses on cartomancy
  • Hours and hours of writing, researching, deck testing, studying, interviewing and coaching.

I am not complaining by the way. I am merely EXplaining… The Queen’s Sword | tarot & divination reviews with a sharp pen is a body of love and I’ll happily continue with the site as long as I possibly can.

However, I could use a little hand ;-). If you appreciate what I do and would love for me to continue I would be immensely grateful if you can help me cover some of those costs so I am sure I can keep on writing.
Becoming a sponsor of The Queen’s Sword and supporting my work can be done in three ways:

Donate to The Queen's SwordDonation
You can donate whatever you can miss. Just the one time when you have something to spare, or perhaps even a monthly or yearly amount. Whatever you think is possible, or even necessary: I’ll be grateful for it. By clicking on the donation button below you will be led to the safe pages of PayPal. Nothing is too little, every cent counts!




Or you can become a patron of the arts….sort of. In this case a patron of the reviews would be a better description. If you think a specific deck or book needs to be honestly reviewed on The Queen’s Sword and you’re willing to sponsor this article by paying for product+shipping you can contact me and I will see if it fits the website + my planning. Every patronage will be mentioned under the article (the first upcoming example is a review on the Minchiate Florentine Entruria).
Example of patronage mention:

This review has been made possible by Eureka Readings


If you have a little month left at the end of your $$ (I can relate!) or simply don’t want to donate, you can still help. How: spread the word. Other than telling your network about the site, you can use social media. Regularly (re)tweet my articles, share the links to my reviews on your own (private or professional) Facebook page, LIKE my FB posts (when you don’t FB won’t be kind to me and won’t show my posts in your timeline, or even cut followers who are too inactive. It is an algorithm thing). You can also add me in your favorite website list, or mention my review(s) on your own blog or YouTube channel when you’re doing a reading with such a deck or mention other articles when relevant. Word of mouth grows my readership and that might lead to more review copy-opportunities. Plus, it shows appreciation. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Whatever you decide, I am grateful!
Thank you so much!

– The Queen’s Sword
Working since 2015 to inform readers of all levels and persuasions and give divination a good name.



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