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1 October 2015


qs-bannerIf you need to contact The Queen’s Sword for guest writer options, request reviews, or because you have other questions and suggestions, do not hesitate to send me a message. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and via e-mail. See all the contact information for The Queen’s Sword below.

Guest articles
I am always open to ideas for articles from guest writers, as long as they fit target group and focus of the website. I have spots for guest editors for tutorials and mini-courses, tip articles and for the column Artist’s Advice. I am considering guest reviewers at the moment, so keep an eye on these pages.

Sponsored content
The Queen’s Sword is open to sponsored content and/or advertorials.  If you think you have content that is editorially relevant to my target group and useful or fun to read, you can contact me via e-mail to find out more about options and prices.
Before you do, here are my non-negotiable conditions:
I am legally (by Dutch and US law) obliged to mention to readers that the posted articles are paid for content. Plus, I would also feel morally/ethically compelled to inform them. That has resulted in 2 rules.
1. a disclaimer will be made above/under the article;
2. in order for Google to rank this page (a mention of ‘paid’ will be found out immediately) a no-follow needs to be included. If I don’t the page will actually be ‘punished’ and my site as a whole as well. That is bad for both of us. By following the rules for sponsored content your page will actually rank just as high as my regular content usually does (and it is not as if any links all of a sudden disappear from my page…people will still see & click it).

How to send a review or demo copy
Want to send a book, tarot deck, oracle or perhaps paraphernalia for review? You can do that to the address below. Very important: I’ve had to pay an extreme amount of taxes, duty and handling over the last two years on review copies, so I kindly request any of you shipping *from outside the EU* to make sure you send your package indeed as demo/sample deck with sample & gift checked and the much lower production values stated. If you want to know how, just send me an e-mail.
FYI: If we haven’t discussed your deck/book on my planning I can never promise a review, but you would not be the first to send me a gorgeous work anyway which ended up on the site shortly after.

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How to keep the sword writing?

Like my work and want me to continue as much as possible? There are several things you can do: spread the word, like & share my articles, follow me on Facebook, inspire others to do so, or support me with a few bucks to help me cover some of the costs for maintaining this website.
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