The Evolutionary Tarot | Yes/No questions | Artist’s Advice

4 July 2017

In the monthly column Artist’s Advice divination authors and deck designers give their reading tips, divination techniques or unique essays to share their expertise and showcase a new release. This issue:

The YES/NO spread | The Evolutionary Tarot | Richard Hartnett

Let’s face it, we all have (had) clients who want specific ‘Yes or No’ answers to their questions.  Although, I have always believed that the future was not encrypted in a great document somewhere, I do recognize there is a need for clients to have this kind of answer.  To that end, I have created a spread to handle this kind situation.

It’s called The Specific Answer spreadIt will allow you to give a client the answer they want – with even a yes or no – but it also emphasizes how free will comes into play.

Reversals a must
This spread is based upon working with reversals.  If you are a reader that does not work with reversed cards this spread will not work for you.  After shuffling the cards, select five cards face down.  Turn over the cards.  If three or more cards are upright the answer is yes, if three or more are reversed the answer is no.  Obviously the more cards upright the stronger the “Yes” answer is.   Still, even with all five cards upright (or reversed) I will tell the client that “it ain’t over till it’s over” and they have the capability of influencing the outcome.  You can do this spread with any deck.

But now comes the fun part, with the Evolutionary Tarot, my new deck, you have a couple more possibilities.   If you get two cards upright and two reversed, PLUS either the universe card or the paradox card, you have a definite MAYBE!  The answer is not yes or no!  Both the Paradox and Universe card do not have an upright or reversed orientation.  They are always both.

The Evolutionary Tarot gives more than just Yes or No

If the fifth card is the Paradox card the answer might very well be Yes AND No!  If the fifth card is the Universe card, that indicates there are more possibilities than the client is seeing and they need to look for them.  It doesn’t matter in my opinion where the cards fall in the left to right sequence, however sometimes left to right is an indication of a time progression.

What is amazing to me, is that more often than not, the Paradox or Universe card shows up with two up and two down.  Rarely does it happen that its three and one.  Three and one upright could indicate the answer is yes but it may not be for the best.  Three and one reversed, could indicate even though the answer is no, it may be for the best.  As in all readings you have to use your intuition to interpret the answer.  Rarely is life simple and straight forward.

The Evolutionary Tarot is Richard Hartnett’s first deck, but definitely not his first encounter with tarot. Hartnett has been a teacher and tarot reader for several decades. If you are interested in his Evolutionary Tarot you can order via or his Facebook page called “The Evolutionary Tarot”, where he also does COTD’s with his own deck for educational purposes.