Tarot of Eons | Video Review
Decks , Review , Tarot , Video review / 9 December 2016

I’ve been thinking to add to video reviews to my website for a while in special/certain occasions. What better deck to try this with than The Tarot of Eons. This tarot deck is the first major artistic project of Vadim Temkin, a programmer, digital artist and lover of tarot.
Since the images of Tarot of Eons are created in 3D, Temkin is looking in…

Tarot of Hope: funds eye surgeries in 3rd world
News , Tarot / 9 March 2016

Over the course of the past year another wonderful collaborative Tarot deck has been made. The Tarot of Hope, an idea by Mark Watson, was created to financially help eye surgeons relieve ‘unnecessary blindness’ in Third World Countries.

The Tarot of Hope is currently on its way to being funded on Kickstarter- at least, that’s the goal. 7000 euro is needed to manifest the deck.

The project began in March of 2015 as an…

Tarot Experience campaign starts
News , Tarot / 18 February 2016

UPDATE FEB 23rd: it has started today. The campaign is almost to its first goal in less than 4 hours. Want to joint in the fun, then pledge away. The Kickstarter campaign for Tarot Experience, the second volume of the Lo Scarabeo Tarot Encyclopedia, after Tarot Fundamentals, will be launched next week.  The publisher, the Italian Lo Scarabeo, states on his Facebook page that with Tarot Experience they want to make “the ultimate book about tarot ever published!” Just like with the other Kickstarter campaign, making a pledge will guarantee you’ll get access to exclusive content for backers only, special collector decks and more! To find out the link watch the Lo Scarabeo Facebook page.  

Kickstarter in February for Tarot Experience
News , Tarot / 12 January 2016

Did you miss the first Tarot Fundamentals Kickstarter campaign? Are you still bummed out about that? Or did you pledge number 1 and are you eager to back the second volume? If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions: pay attention.

The ink is barely dry on the first volume of Lo Scarabeo’s love-project or we are being treated on the second installment. Again via Kickstarter. The new campaign will start in February of this year, 2016. So pay close

Tarot Fundamentals cover
Tarot Fundamentals | Review
Books , Review , Tarot / 5 January 2016

Precious few books were so eagerly anticipated as Tarot Fundamentals. Unless you count one of the installments of the Harry Potter series… But I am pretty sure that in the Tarot community Tarot Fundamentals gave J.K Rowling a (relative) run for her money.

Over a thousand eager readers backed the – for a publisher quite remarkable – Kickstarter campaign, so that Lo Scarabeo could print their ‘labor of love ten years in the making’. And then came the waiting. Most of the Kickstarter pledgers have gotten their copy now and the book is up for pre-order, ready to be released for retail somewhere in January or February