Oracle of Echoes | Review
Decks , Oracle , Review / 19 February 2017

There seems to be no end in awesome decks lately, finding my desk. But even amongst awesomeness there is always Top Dog and it looks like that one just barked ;). The latest oracle deck by Ana Tourian, deck designer of the Claire de Lune Lenormand and Hidden Waters Tarot, is most likely one of the most beautiful oracle decks I have ever seen. The name is Oracle of Echoes, and I…

Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot | Review
Decks , Oracle , Review , Tarot / 28 January 2017

The Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot… the name conjures up an image of an old wise man, bearded, sitting in a curtain of heavy smoke within his sweat lodge while throwing about glittered powder to give you a good night’s sleep. However, that’s a weird thought, doing no justice at all to this newest self published tarot deck. One…

Starlight Dragon Tarot | Review
Decks , Review , Tarot / 12 November 2016

October 2016 saw the release of another innovative deck, by Nora Huszka & Steph Engert. The Starlight Dragon Tarot, a 79 card-deck inspired by dragons, stands out due to a strong elemental orientation and surprising art and shapes. With a name like that you’d expect the motherload in fiery breath creatures and scales, but that isn’t the case. The Starlight…

The English Magic Tarot | Review
Decks , Review , Tarot / 14 October 2016

Combine comic book artist Rex van Ryn, English history and Magic. What do you get? Red/Wheel Weiser’s newest tarot deck: English Magic Tarot. The deck uses a theme never used before (Magick throughout English history) in a dynamic graphic novel drawing style. And -here’s the kicker for everyone interested in something extra original: every card holds secrets to a puzzle. I got the chance to see if I could fit the pieces together and test this divination tool.

Twisted Tarot Tales | Review
Decks , Review , Tarot / 5 October 2016

This is one of these decks you either hate or love. Which probably makes it a typical Battersby & Aguilar production. They – kind of – have a track record of releasing decks that conjure up some heated debate. Their Twisted Tarot Tales recently came out. Heated debate: check, love & hate: check. If the curiosity is killing you, or you are yet undecided to which team you belong: read along.