Traditional Tarot Treasure | Tarot Heritage

If you’re about to travel the road to traditional tarot like Marseille…or Ancient Italy (or have done so years ago) and don’t have the $/€ to spend on books, Tarot Heritage is certainly the way to go. Hell, even if you *are* spending wads of cash, this is a must-see site. Tarot Heritage is the brain-child of Sherryl E. Smith and completely dedicated to Tarot decks between the 15th and early 19th century. In other words: Tarot de Marseille & Ancient Italian decks galore! There’s a history menu, an amazing Cartomancy…

Metaphysical business podcast
Business tips , Multimedia , Recommendation / 12 February 2016

Those with a spiritual practice or metaphysical business, whether that is tarot reading, divining with crystal balls or being a Reiki master, usually don’t especially entertain the pure business side of things. After all: times are better suited to help and heal people, right? Well, if only life was mainly colored flowers, unicorns and rainbows. Nope my friends: tax forms, insurance, rates, marketing… getting a headache already? Yeah, unfortunately the life of a metaphysical business owner is also that of an entrepreneur. Where to start? Have no fear, The Tarot Lady talks shop: how to get an online presence, raising your rates and more very useful tips by big names in the biz for those who run a spiritual business or metaphysical reading shop. All without mystic-babble. Straight shooters with special guests. What’s not to like? Every month there’s a live podcast, where you can call in and ask questions. No time for that, or not in the US time zone? No worries either: here are some fun Talk Shop Archives to put your claws in. Hurrah! Talk shop: talk metaphysical business tips.

Lenormand Tutorial | DonnaLeigh’s LenormandLessons
Lenormand , Multimedia , Recommendation / 25 January 2016

Seek and ye shall find. In my case it was finding a good Lenormand tutorial. This weekend: score! I read tarot a lot and then it can be hard to put on a Lenormand-hat. In Lenormand a card can have a few meanings depending on its position in the spread, but it is the word that counts. Not the art, not the symbology on the card. A Rider is a Rider, it does not matter if in deck 1 it rains or in deck 2 he wears flaming red shoes (tarotists would definitely take that into account). Besides: it is just a new system to learn and with every new thing you need a good foundation. DonnaLeigh’s Tarot Tribe Beyond Worlds Lenormand Tutorial has a ra…

Tarot Recipes | Tarot by the mouthful
Multimedia , Recommendation , Tarot / 18 January 2016

Making an exception for my Multimedia menu because I just could not get over this awesome special called Tarot by The Mouthful by The Tarot Lady and her partner in crime, tv-cook, Kyle Cherek. It’s a ‘had to share’ and since it was originally supposed to be a multimedia thing I am going to pretend it fits here perfectly. Tarot by The Mouthful gives you very nice recipes based on the 78 cards in the Waite-Smith deck. Tarot and food? Yes, tarot and food. Tarot recipes! Perhaps one day they will humor me and add video, instead of text & pictures, where they show us how to make that The Fool-souffle or The Temperance…

Tarot Dude | Daily Tarot Readings
Multimedia , Review , Tarot / 18 December 2015

I am not a fan of daily tarot readings for all; they’re too general. However, in the way Tarot Dude is handling them you can enjoy a multitude of decks and a very nice interpretation per card, combination and reading. Useful if you are a beginner, still learning the tarot cards, or if you’d like to add to your personal tarocabuly. I’d advise to browse way back (he has a temporary stop at the moment) and just enjoy his way of reading. The only thing that takes some getting used to is his nasal way of talking. Tarot Dude’s daily draws