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28 August 2015

Review policy The Queen's SwordType of review on The Queen’s Sword

I review books about cartomancy, spirituality, self-empowerment, meditation, healing and divination. I review  every type of Tarot deck or 36-card deck system + other oracles. I don’t review Playing Cards.

More specific…
Deck types for review
RWS/WCS (Waite-Smith Tarot), Golden Dawn & Thoth Tarot inspired decks, Modern Marseille’s and TdM reproductions, Modern Tarocchi’s & Repro’s, Alternate Tarot systems (with extra suits, cards et cetera), Lenormand, Oracles in every variant and Kipper.
Book types for review
Books on the above mentioned cartomancy tools, on spirituality, rituals linked to cartomancy, cleansing linked to reading, modalities (astrology & tarot, Kabbalah & Tarot) and tarot therapy type books (Tarot & Psychology, personal growth with affirmation decks et cetera)

The Queen’s Sword also reviews paraphernalia and products relating to tarot & divination, as well as courses to learn all types of tarot and oracles.
This can be special bags and cases for your tarot decks, reading cloths your Lenormand Houses and Kipper Houses, ritualistic garb and tools. The same goes for apps: tarot apps can be a helpful tool on a holiday, to learn the basics or to get to know a new deck before you buy the real paper deal. If you create or make paraphernalia, apps and other products for diviners and readers, you can send over samples or actual products for review. These reviews are shorter and if I like the product they will take the form of a recommendation.

Soon on The Queen’s Sword: reviews of online courses on cartomancy and divination.
I am currently looking into the possibility of adding reviews of Tarot courses, Kipper courses, Lenormand Courses and perhaps Magick and Rituals to the mix. If you offer professional online courses via webinars, Facebook study groups, video’s or other forms of online teaching and you’d like to be featured on The Queen’s Sword, contact me. I prefer to start (or only show) courses that can be done by any reader in any location (global); online courses that can be done from home or in your own pace/time. With a the The Queen’s Sword stamp of approval your course will attract more readers.

Length deck and book reviews
Reviews on books and decks are usually 800 words minimum, but can go up to 1600 if the subjects asks for it.  They all include images and a wrap up, including a ‘where to buy’ link. Recommendations for apps, video’s, podcasts, websites or paraphernalia are a lot shorter and don’t have a wrap-up, but a link to the multimedia tip itself.

Each review consists of:

  • A picture of the book cover, deck box or kit or product
  • Images of cards, pages, details
  • Title
  • Author/Artist
  • Publisher
  • Publication and /or release date if applicable
  • A link to Amazon, Bookdepository or the artist/author’s site
  • My personal thoughts
  • Conclusion
  • A rating from 1-10
  • Pro’s and con’s

Type of copies
When it comes to review copies there are a lot I am able to read, use and review:

  • Bound galleys
  • Advanced readers copies (ARC’s)
  • Advance review copies Tarot, Kipper, Lenormand and Oracle decks (or demo’s)
  • The finished books & decks from publishers and authors
  • eBooks (ePub, PDF: suitable for a Sony e-reader)

All reviews are my personal and honest opinions and also based on what ‘the average’ reader demands of a deck or book. I always use the same measuring rod to be as objective as possible. I will name inconsistencies and possible negatives, but my reviews are not written with the intention to be hurtful. The amount of work put in and the respect I have for authors and designers in general is definitely taken into account. Things I consider ‘bad’ will be supported by arguments as much as possible.

Time frame reviews
Books and decks can’t always be read or used within a specific time frame. If you request a review with a certain publication time in mind, please let me know and I will tell you if this is possible. If you have requested a review like that, a link will be provided to you as soon as the review has been published.

ARC’s and demo decks, especially if they have upcoming release dates or campaigns, take precedence. I aim to publish reviews within a month after arrival, within a month of publication or soon thereafter, unless otherwise agreed upon/communicated.

Agreements & planning: take care!
At the end of the year I already make a planning for the next year based on publisher’s catalogues and requests on self-published work. If something is planned and agreed upon for a certain month but *not delivered* in time to make that happen I can’t promise a new ‘as soon as possible’ new date. Other work is planned shortly after and I can’t put those aside.

I specifically invite self-published authors and designers to contact me as well, since this group is relatively high in the tarot community. Decks can be send to me before or after official publication. If your deck or publication is already older but not yet named on my site do not hesitate to contact me if you think it fits on my digital shelves. If I have room in my planning (see above) and it fits my target group I might write about it.

Promotions & giveaways
If there’s any interest I am willing to work together with publishers, authors or deck-creators to organize giveaways or discounts for readers.
A link to my reviews will be posted on Twitter, my Facebook page for The Queen’s Sword and on several bigger tarot/spiritual forums on Facebook. In certain cases I am willing to place a part of the review on Amazon. I use Pinterest to pin art work that I know and like.

Relevant information
If you (want to) send me a copy of your book or deck for review, it would be excellent if you could provide some relevant information about your title, like release date, purchase options, thought behind it et cetera. That way I can possibly include that in my review. I might hit you up with a couple of questions anyway and in some cases even for an interview.

If there’s any reason I might not be able to guarantee a review of a book or deck I will let that know as soon as possible.

And I promise: I will not sell galleys, ARC’s or review copies of decks.

Disclosure: All books and decks reviewed on The Queen’s Sword are personally bought by me, won in a contest, borrowed or received from the author/publisher/designer in exchange for an honest review. There is never any contract, payment or otherwise commercial interest involved.


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