Place’s new book: companion on Sevenfold, TdM and Hermeticism

I own many of Robert Place’s decks (granted, I am not equally enthusiastic about all of them). Strangely enough that has not translated itself into even one review, but I am sure I’ll rectify that at one point.
 Besides his decks I’ve come to enjoy many of his writings and books. Combine those two and you have the reason for this little news-item. Because….Finally, it is here! Well, almost then. Place’s newest book is coming soon and it is one many of us Place-deck-collectors have been waiting for. Not only is he an artist with a very recognizable simple but elegant art-style, but he is also an extremely knowledgable art-historian and tarot historian. His book Tarot and History is a classic (on the pile of my standard tarot reference books) and the companion for the Alchemical Tarot (AT), Alchemy and the Tarot, is unequivocally one of the best deck companions ever written. But…if you are very much into his AT (ed4 or not), chances are you have the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery too. And as gorgeous as it is… most of us have been wanting for a book that explained all those ancient history, mythology and other esoteric and…

Tarot by Design Workbook | Review
Books , Review , Tarot / 29 April 2017

After Mandala coloring cards, coloring books for adults and specific mindfulness coloring exercise books it seems the next step is in our own branche: tarot. In the last few months several tarot coloring books hit the market. Tarot by Design by Diana Heyne is one of them and I got to doodle away and tell you all about it (no, not going to

Bonefire Tarot
Bonefire Tarot (mass market)| Review
Decks , Review , Tarot / 19 March 2017

You always needed to bring a big bucket of cash if you wanted the (OOP) Bonefire Tarot to become yours. Luckily, that’s no longer necessary. Schiffer recently published the first, very successful deck by Gabi Angus-West in a mass market edition and it is *that* Bonefire Tarot that has…

Tarot of Eons | Video Review
Decks , Review , Tarot , Video review / 9 December 2016

I’ve been thinking to add to video reviews to my website for a while in special/certain occasions. What better deck to try this with than The Tarot of Eons. This tarot deck is the first major artistic project of Vadim Temkin, a programmer, digital artist and lover of tarot.
Since the images of Tarot of Eons are created in 3D, Temkin is looking in…

Tarot for One
Tarot for One. The art of reading for yourself | Review
Books , Review , Tarot / 4 December 2016

For years it was obvious which book to read if you wanted the ins and outs on reading tarot for yourself. Mary K Greer’s very similary titled workbook was the answer. Despite the fact the question “Am I allowed to read tarot fo myself” is still a huge one, Greer set a standard. And a difficult example to follow. Until now perhaps. With “Tarot for One. The art of reading for yourself”…