Twisted Tarot Tales | Review
Decks , Review , Tarot / 5 October 2016

This is one of these decks you either hate or love. Which probably makes it a typical Battersby & Aguilar production. They – kind of – have a track record of releasing decks that conjure up some heated debate. Their Twisted Tarot Tales recently came out. Heated debate: check, love & hate: check. If the curiosity is killing you, or you are yet undecided to which team you belong: read along.

Sneak Peek: Felonious Felines Lenormand
Lenormand , News , Sneak peek / 18 May 2016

The ink on their latest deck isn’t even dry yet (campaign on Indiegogo still running) and the creative brains of James Battersby and Christine Aguilar are already working on a new deck. This one is basically an extension of their horror-deck the Twisted Tarot Tales. Inspiration came when working on a few nasty cats in that deck and the Felonious Felines was born. Not a tarot deck this time, but a Lenormand. Advanced deck The Felonious Felines Lenormand combines a love for cats, cat paintings, horror and inspiration from various cultures and time periods. No hardcore horror, but more a fantasy horror & adventure approach. 

Learning Lenormand can be difficult for tarot readers or people who respond to imagery and symbolism: despite any other embellishments or coloring the card rider is always rider and fox is always fox. For that reason – judging from the cards – Felonious Felines Lenormand is probably better suited for an intermediate or advanced Lenormand reader, instead of a Lenormand novice (luckily they’re not finished yet, so I can up my beginners status a.s.a.p and might just own my first and only cat deck!) Besides creating a Lenormand this time, there are other differences in…

Sneak peek: Twisted Tarot Tales
News , Sneak peek , Tarot / 12 April 2016

UPDATE II: A review on the Twisted Tarot Tales is coming in the first week of October 2016 as part of the Winter Wonderland of Extraordinary Tarot. Felt like the TTT was *the* best deck to kick-off such a theme 😉 UPDATE APRIL 24TH 2016: Instead of Kickstarter the campaign will run on Indiegogo, starting tomorrow on April 25th. The makers of the deck have created a very informative website on Twisted Tarot Tales in case you want to see more. ORIGINAL POST: I love a bit of controversy, so it is with pleasure I show you the sneak peek of the nearly finished The Twisted Tarot Tales deck. A deck that is all about horror comics and has shocked a few readers already. My take: even if you will never read with it, buy it as a collector’s deck! I am anticipating my review there a bit. Who knows, I might come to a different conclusion. But I think not. James Battersby and his partner Christine are responsible for this ‘controversial’ deck. Not surprisingly because they have quite the reputation after their Cultural Revolution deck. (Although I never really understood why people had such an issue with that one…