Sneak Peek: Felonious Felines Lenormand

18 May 2016
First image for the Felonious Felines Lenormand. The House card, which features a Dracula inspired black cat. These are very early designs, so they can definitely change over time.

The House card, which features a Dracula inspired black cat.
These are very early designs, so they can change over time.

The ink on their latest deck isn’t even dry yet (campaign on Indiegogo still running) and the creative brains of James Battersby and Christine Aguilar are already working on a new deck.

This one is basically an extension of their horror-deck the Twisted Tarot Tales. Inspiration came when working on a few nasty cats in that deck and the Felonious Felines was born. Not a tarot deck this time, but a Lenormand.

Advanced deck
The Felonious Felines Lenormand combines a love for cats, cat paintings, horror and inspiration from various cultures and time periods. No hardcore horror, but more a fantasy horror & adventure approach. 

Learning Lenormand can be difficult for tarot readers or people who respond to imagery and symbolism: despite any other embellishments or coloring the card rider is always rider and fox is always fox.

For that reason – judging from the cards – Felonious Felines Lenormand is probably better suited for an intermediate or advanced Lenormand reader, instead of a Lenormand novice (luckily they’re not finished yet, so I can up my beginners status a.s.a.p and might just own my first and only cat deck!)

Felonious Felines Lenormand Book card

Felonious Felines Lenormand Book card

Besides creating a Lenormand this time, there are other differences in style for the duo with this deck. It is mostly digital work and thus quite the departure from their earlier hand drawn artwork.

 And the best part is yet to come: this one is a bit ‘interactive’. If you’re a cat butler yourself, your furry friend can be in the deck. In their newsletter and on their Facebook page Battersby and Aguilar announced auditions.

Felonious Felines Lenormand Rider

Felonious Felines Lenormand Rider

Pet audition
The cat speeding through an Asian inspired street in the Rider card is their own little guest, but if you have a pet too (scaly and feathered can try out too) and want to be part of this Lenormand deck you could just make your Fluffy or Tweety a divine star.

For more information about that and on how much of a Puss in Boots impersonator your cat could become I’ll leave you to the explanations on the Facebook page for this tongue in cheek Lenormand deck. Release date uncertain yet.