Sneak peek: The Tarot Restless (campaign)
Decks , News , Sneak peek , Tarot , Waite-Smith / 19 December 2017

Whether you’re into dark fantasy decks or not, appreciate complete reinterpretations of Major Arcana cards or not…I just had to mention THIS tarot deck by Winslow Dumaine because of its theme and goal.

Dumaine has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a deck that I have not seen before. Sure, it is not the first ‘dark’ deck, nor is it the first

The Queen’s Sword & Red Wheel Weiser Tarot Giveaway
News , Tarot de Marseille , Theme: TdM , Win & Offer / 1 September 2016

Win an amazing tarot giveaway The Queen’s Sword celebrates everything Tarot de Marseille in September! And starting October all the pages on the site will feature very original and/or very beautiful decks. Theme: the Winter Wonderland of Tarot Extraordinaire. Might give you some excellent Yule/Christmas ideas ;-). Kicking of ‘Extraordinaire’ is the amazing  Twisted Tarot Tales. Publishing house Red Wheel/Weiser celebrates these themed months with me. Thanks to them The Queen’s Sword is able to do an amazing win-campaign in the last week of September, on the bridge of Tarot de Marseille Month and Tarot Extraordinaire. In this GIVEAWAY you won’t just win one thing, no the package is filled with THREE tarot publications. All new titles; two even I have yet to review. The lucky winner will get: the just reprinted great classic Tarot Mysteries the soon to be released Tarot Triumph, on reading the Tarot de Marseille trumps a deck that will be written about during Tarot Extraordinaire: English Magick Tarot, a tarot deck that’s unique in its theme. You will be one of the first in the world to get this deck! The Win-campaign will start in the last week of September on The Queen’s Sword Facebook page, so stay tuned!…

Indiegogo campaign Starlight Dragon Tarot live
News , Tarot / 7 April 2016

The Indiegogo campaign for the Starlight Dragon Tarot has started today. If you have no idea to what tarot deck I am referring to, read my previous article on the cards. The Starlight Dragon tarot campaign will run for a month (so until May 7th) and once funded the deck will be send to backers in August or September already. For the last year both author and tarot reader Steph Engert and artist Nora Huszka worked diligently and practically full-time on the deck, which is one of the reasons backers will be able to receive their beauty so soon. On the campaign page a few more details about the deck are made known. Revelations are:  -No borders (happy Queen!) – Because of the ‘tiptoe’ shape the cards can be made into image-mandala’s and create very interesting puzzle-spreads. – No titles, but only elemental/astrological symbols and numerals sign on the minors. – Courts are also attributed to the elements – All the cards have so-called elemental rings, so you’ll see how the energy flows between the cards within your spread. Sounds like at least an intermediate deck to me. But definitely one that is promising to add something new to the table. The…

Kickstarter in February for Tarot Experience
News , Tarot / 12 January 2016

Did you miss the first Tarot Fundamentals Kickstarter campaign? Are you still bummed out about that? Or did you pledge number 1 and are you eager to back the second volume? If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions: pay attention.

The ink is barely dry on the first volume of Lo Scarabeo’s love-project or we are being treated on the second installment. Again via Kickstarter. The new campaign will start in February of this year, 2016. So pay close