Kickstarter in February for Tarot Experience

12 January 2016

Tarot Experience, part 2 of the Tarot Fundamentals seriesDid you miss the first Tarot Fundamentals Kickstarter campaign? Are you still bummed out about that? Or did you pledge number 1 and are you eager to back the second volume? If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions: pay attention.

The ink is barely dry on the first volume of Lo Scarabeo’s love-project or we are being treated on the second installment. Again via Kickstarter. The new campaign will start in February of this year, 2016. So pay close attention to the Kickstarter pages or any announcement on the bigger Tarot Facebook groups. I am pretty sure Lo Scarabeo’s marketing manager will say a word or two about it.

So what is this second book about? Well, where Tarot Fundamentals focused mainly on laying a foundation of tarot knowledge. This means the second book, called Tarot Experience, will focus on intermediate readers and offer a deeper understanding of working with tarot and certain correspondences. This might include Kabbalah and/or astrology. Basically Tarot Experience will bring you one step further into the journey that is tarot.