Traditional Tarot Treasure | Tarot Heritage

2 September 2016

Traditional Tarot Tarot HeritageIf you’re about to travel the road to traditional tarot like Marseille…or Ancient Italy (or have done so years ago) and don’t have the $/€ to spend on books, Tarot Heritage is certainly the way to go. Hell, even if you *are* spending wads of cash, this is a must-see site. Tarot Heritage is the brain-child of Sherryl E. Smith and completely dedicated to Tarot decks between the 15th and early 19th century. In other words: Tarot de Marseille & Ancient Italian decks galore! There’s a history menu, an amazing Cartomancy chapter (tips on how to read pips) and an iconography section that’ll teach you about the symbolical medieval origins of each trump. I am a huge fan (especially because she writes Tarot de Marseille, without that attached S).

Traditional Tarot Treasure