Sneak Peek: PookieCat Rune cards

2 June 2016

13248520_919773644801972_4426350361523951964_oTarot with cats…to some it brings a smile on their faces, others might have clicked away already. Better hold on! I am not talking about a tarot deck – although there is one from the same creator – but a Rune deck. Yep. Runes. On paper. With 1 cat. PookieCat Rune cards are definitely meant for divination, but more for that smile. Because we shouldn’t take life so seriously, according to their designer. And if you ever needed a simple way to introduce your child (or cousin) to your world, PookieCat has your back.

Of course, I am paraphrasing Maria van Bruggen here, designer of all things PookieCat and currently running the last week of her already fully backed Kickstarter campaign. I am not into animals on my decks and have yet to become acquainted with runes, but I can definitely see why this divination tool might appeal to both kids and adults. Especially to those who could use some sunshine in their lives.

When Van Bruggen – and yes I am a little proud she’s Dutch – explains the inspiration for her rune deck, this is what she emphasized: “Life is full with unpredictable moments. Some are happy, some – not so much. Everything becomes easier when you look at it through the lens of laughter. Sometimes we need to be silly, not serious. Then things can suddenly change for the better.” Even if it is only within your own mind.
PookieCat was already quite famous before taking the word of tarot cards and PookieCat Rune Cardsrunes by storm. She, based on Van Bruggens real life gorgeous cat Pookie, appeared in lots of books, magazines, postcards and even billboards for pet shelters. A rune deck had been in the plans for years and after her Tarot Kickstarter turned out to be popular her regularly upside hanging cat – probably without the wisdom search of Odin – gave her the inspiration for the Rune cards.

PookieCat Rune cards is a set of 25 round cards – with an extra secret one! According to their creator they are funny, colorful and ‘comfortably round’, which makes them ‘incredibly cozy to hold, shuffle and lay out’.

PookieCat Rune Cards

PookieCat Rune Cards with the rune-set on white quartz.

Work with rune-set
The cards will be printed on premium, slightly glossy stock paper and delivered in an PookieCat color organza pouch. I have only seen a few pictures and can’t say anything about the quality, but they sure look professionally made.

There is a possibility to add natural white quartz runes stones together with your cards. Those will come in a velvet pouch and supposedly compliment your rune card deck. So this might be an interesting experience if you want to discover the combination of runes and cards.

The campaign is only running for a few more days, so if you want to get in for a lower price, come fetch…oh wait, do cats do that too?