Holiday special: tarot & oracle gift tips

11 December 2016

Looking for the ideal December present? Pretty sure that if you’re into divination there will be plenty to pick from here on the The Queen’s Sword. Going through all that material however might result in not having packages in time for the festivities. So…I made it simple with this Holiday special: tarot & oracle tips. Here are several lists, ranging from easy to grab mass market Tarot de Marseille’s to interesting Oracle releases and harder to find antique decks. My divination favorites for your gift and wish lists!

Easy to grab Marseille and Marseille inspired decks

As said earlier in The Queen’s TdM month: there aren’t many Marseille decks and books out there (although, honestly, once you dive into the material there are more than you could ever imagine…and want). Most of them are self-published too…anyone not living in the US knows that the shipping costs, taxes and handling will ruin your gift-budget in one go. But you don’t have to miss out on TdM’s, no siree!If you have a sweet spot for Marseille (inspired) decks, yours truly will show you the way ;-). Easy to obtain through the well-known and trustworthy webshops.

Le Tarot Noir
A bit quirky, a bit dark, but overall an awesome, quality Marseille deck. Not it’s not the woodcut you’re used to, but it is very close to an actual TdM without losing the touch the artist gave this deck. Will definitely appeal to Trionfi della Luna-lovers. The cards are very large, but decent quality. Comes with a book too, but in French! (Recommendation!)
Buy Le tarot Noir here

Jodorowsky’s Marseille
The deck is a bit of a discussion point and not everyone agrees with the changes he made to what he calls the original Tarot de Marseille. Maybe all the more reason to find out what this tarot is all about, right?
You can order from Amazon and Bookdepository (check shipping time!)

Universal Tarot of Marseille by Lo Scarabeo
The Italian Publisher made sure all that makes a TdM wonderful to read with, was put into this reproduction. A good one to have for a working horse, especially since the price is still appealing.
You can buy Universal Tarot of Marseille via Amazon or Bookdepository

Tarot: The Open Reading 
After the sudden passing of Yoav-Ben-Dov this book will most likely get the status of classic, but trust me: it already was! On my nightstand (yes, really) for reading with Tarot de Marseille decks and Ancient Italian’s.
Both Amazon and the Bookdepository carry Yoav’s title

Camelia Elias’ Towards the Art of Reading (TdM)
This book might just land under my tree…because I will accidentally hit ‘add to cart’ while searching links for you guys. If not, it’ll definitely get a top5 position on the wish-list. Camelia focuses on a rare TdM and 4 very deep questions. Want to find out what your blind spot is, then click!
You can score an Elias paperback on Bookdepository and Amazon

Jodorowsky’s The Way of Tarot
I have been unsure whether to buy this one or not, but yet he keeps on being named as  go-to material if you want to dive into the TdM world. My guest editor Paul did so too, so who am I to not put him on the list, right?
Bookdepository and Amazon are waiting for your click

TdM cat deck
Hey! I did say inspired by…okay. Besides, if I had a $ for every tarot reader who loves cat decks I could buy this whole list easily ;-). Now fess up…you were thinking this might make a nice present… Just for those who love the idea of TdM but not so much the stern and wooden (cut by wood, so) figures in the original ones!
Cat-lovers, hurry towards Amazon and Bookdepository

Mary Packard’s TdM
Packard’s Madenie lookalike is an ideal gift if you can’t afford the fascimile by Reynaud and Houdioun. Mary has a name to uphold when it comes to the older deck, with her Visconti deck as the most known one. Card stock will be mass market, but the woodcut-style of the images on the cards have been faithfully re-created and I heard there was some gold metallic ink involved too. It’s a kit, so you get a book to boot!
You can buy this gorgeous set at Amazon or Bookdepository

Tarot Triumphs
It was the centerpiece of my TdM Month and a really nice book for beginners in Marseille…although I do believe some more advanced readers were happy with my recommendation. So here it is again! Review
Buy your copy of Tarot Triumph here: Amazon & BD



The Queen’s Oracle Top 5

I will give you my personal Top 6 for this one and they all have something special…Actually you will get to see the Top4, since one of them (The Wyrd of Sarah Howard) is already OOP and my number 6 Oracle of Echoes -looking like a contender for my go-to list  -won’t be published till Jan 2017 – so you’ll have to wait till February to read even more about that one!





Shamanic Healing
Review, Amazon, Bookdepository

Spirit Oracle

Review, Amazon, Bookdepository

Vintage Wisdom

Review, Amazon, Bookdepository

Rumi Oracle
Review, Amazon, Bookdepository

Self-published historical tarot gems

If you do have a larger budget and/or have a tarot-antique-lover in your midst you can’t go wrong with the Top 7 below. Some of them were reviewed here on the site, so you can check them out. But since they’re self-published they won’t be available on Amazon or BD and sometimes several sites offer them for different prices (or price unknown). So it would become a mess to give you all the links. If TarotBG carries them I will…for the rest I say: here’s my recommendation and I wish you happy hunting!




Soprafino Tarot
Review & TarotBG

Neoclassico Tarot
TarotBG (I do have the deck though and it is very nice and quality stock!)

Sola Busca Tarot via Giordano Berti or Il Meneghello
Review 1st one & TarotBG for 2nd

Perrin Tarot

Robledo’s TdM
Top 9 deck

Madenie fascimile by Yves Reynaud
Top 9 deck

Visconti Modrone



Self-published and mass market gems from 2016

Many of these decks are also nominated by Tarosophy for their  2016 awards and they are amongst the highest scoring decks on the site. You can find info on all of them on The Queen’s Sword by browsing the deck menu and also all of their buying info in the wrap ups and/or underneath the articles.
2016 truly was a wonderful tarot year and I can imagine you are able to make just anyone happy with one of these. Of course check if they will arrive in time!




Tabula Mundi (Colores Arcus or Nox et lux)
Starlight Dragon tarot

Pagan Otherworlds
Tarot Apokalypsis
Twisted Tarot Tales
After Tarot
Orbifold Tarot

Dreams of Gaia

Check the deck reviews for all the above! Including tips on where to order them!



The best reads for Christmas and Yule:
The Queen’s book top 10

Okay…making this very easy for both you and me 😉
Click on this link to go to my homepage, then look to the right and voila: The Queen’s Sword book Top 10 is already there! Mostly Amazon links are provided in the wrap ups (orange button below article), but you can always check if Bookdepository has one of them in stock.



The best-selling tarot and oracle decks on Amazon in 2016:

So, you thought…yes nice of you and all, to make these lists. But it just isn’t for me or my family/friends! In that case I did one final thing for you:
This is the Amazon top 100 of bestselling tarot & oracle decks & books.
You’re welcome!


And from a cold and mostly rainy The Netherlands with a very sore arm from all the typing I wish you Happy Holidays! Whatever you are or aren’t celebrating…I hope I will find you in good health and surrounded by loved ones (and decks :D). See you next year when the reviewing absolutely will commence!
Djamila Zon – The Queen’s Sword

Lenormand & Kipper: As you can see there isn’t a Lenormand or Kipper Top-something… yet. That has to do with the lack of reviews and available decks. Again…for now. Kipper has become more popular and widely known ever since Ciro Marchetti released his awesome deck (thx Ciro, you made me a fan!). Many are following in his footsteps and I hope to be reviewing new and exciting (and hopefully good!) Kipper decks and books in 2017. I know of a few being worked on!  The same goes for Lenormand. While this divination-style has been popular for quite some time, The Queen’s Sword never really got around to reviewing this specific tool. So if I have the chance I hope I can change that. If he reaches his Indiegogo goal – Lynyrd-Jym Narcisso’s cool looking (but still traditional) Lenormand will be first! Want to be included with your Kipper or Lenormand-work: contact me asap to talk about sneak previews or reviews copies.