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21 January 2017

Develop your ESPWhen the Tarosophy Tarot Association opened a sister Psychic Development group to their 24k members counting tarot FB page it was no surprise the Psychic group saw thousands of people clicking ‘become a member’ fast. Many tarot readers identify with the concept of psychic or think our intuition comes into play when reading the cards. After all: ‘there’s more between heaven and earth’ and ‘we are all psychic but some of us are just more aware’ is a comment made often by those entertaining divination.

Nina Ashby, author of Develop your ESP. A quick and easy way to become psychic uses exactly that last thought to ease us into her guide to ‘paranormal powers’. I am pretty sure we’ve all thought about a person and then meeting him on the street, knew who was calling, picked up ‘bad vibes’ in a place or felt uncomfortable with a person who -indeed – turned out to be the bad guy. If that’s you, you might have more capabilities than you thought: you might be psychic!

Extra Sensory Perceptions
If you are one of those ‘hunch-having’ readers you might have thought of deepening these extra sensory perceptions (ESP), perhaps even because it scared the sh*t out of you (you are not alone!). Ashby’s 146 pages counting paperback could be of use to you then. The author teaches you how to listen and be receptive to those inner messages and how to use techniques and exercises to not only develop, but also control any psychic abilities you might have.

Develop your ESP promises even more according to the blurb. It states that other than finding out which psychic talents you have and how to enhance them asap you’ll learn about energy fields and auras and on top of that it’ll teach cleansing and all types of divination techniques, including tarot. In 146 pages? That seems highly unlikely. Most of us read several books and do several courses (and/or practice everyday) on just tarot to learn the cards. And this paperback promises us way, way more than that?

So, I was willing to go with the idea that after reading this book you just *might* know a little bit about what is possible, what suits you more and which latent talents you *could* enhance. And then you would need a new book. However… any reviewer worth his/her salt is able to say they were (a little) wrong. Even tiny packages can hold A LOT (hmm, with my 5.2″ something I should have known, right?)

Nina Ashby Develop Your ESP

Nina Ashby, psychic reader and author of Develop Your ESP
Photo: Nina Ashby.

Develop your ESP gives 11 chapters on all types of techniques and psychic abilities, but even with about 12 pages per chapter Ashby lays a pretty good foundation to build on. In very few words she is able to explain the topic at hand, and the drawings and diagrams really help giving the message and info straight and to the point. The whole ‘Chakra-thing’ (not trying to sound demeaning, but I never really got it completely) suddenly made sense and in way less words than I had ever read before. It gave me some much-needed insight into the workings of my body and mind too.

Mini energy-course
Every psychic ability or ESP in Develop your ESP has exercises attached to either practice something you already are able to or to see if there is any latent talent. That basically makes this paperback a mini-course of sorts. Actually, that might just be the best name for it – and funny, since Ashby based the book entirely on her experience as a psychic development teacher.

So, what can you read in Develop your ESP? You’ll be shown exercises on how to start seeing energy and read aura’s. How to couple colors with chakra’s and what those colors mean. To find out what type of music can influence people and how, positive thinking, meditation, journaling, figuring out what *sort* of psychic you are and control. There is more, but you will see that when looking up the book ;-).

Personal favorites
Strong paragraphs were on when to recognize if something was imagination or maybe truly a message (because most likely we have all wondered at one point) and to distinguish between type of messages. Also the one about warnings was excellent. When you begin your first steps on a spiritual path you don’t realize you’ll change and maybe your environment won’t. Including any obstacles you might thrown on your path yourself (those bears).

My personal favorite in Develop your ESP was the chapter on Control and the partly linked one called Cleansing & Protection. If you do readings or any type of energy work you can get exhausted because you aren’t balanced (grounded) yourself or you let just any type of energy cling. Sure, there are more books on those topics, but it was again the usefulness of the exercises and the short, concise and logical way in which author Ashby conveyed the information. And for me a lot was new too. I guess the blurb was right on that: be a psychic. It’s easier than you think!

Develop Your ESP

Contents of Develop Your ESP. A quick and easy way to become psychic.

Conclusion: foundation-pocket
So, all in all I can safely say that Develop your ESP. A quick and Easy way to Become Psychic is a useful paperback. Worth the money if you want to lay foundations in your psychic development and have been struggling with all those ‘weird feelings’ or images in your mind’s eye. Ashby is a good writer who can come to the point rather quickly and uses theory, diagrams and exercises to let *you* come to the point quickly as well. Some exercises can’t be done alone, so that is a minor issue if you don’t have friends or family open to all this. But the majority can be practiced by your lonesome.

To come back to my point on divination techniques and teaching us how to learn tarot and other stuff: yes, there I was a 100% right. There were some comments on tarot, but learning how to read a(ny) deck in a good way: nope. You’ll have to check all my other book reviews for good study material on that. Develop your ESP offers a wide variety of subjects to prepare you for and on your spiritual journey. For beginning psychics it is the best, because they have an excellent starting point. Besides, it is somewhat of a relief to have an author tell you *logically*, sometimes even based in science, that you aren’t crazy when you feel or see more than the neighbors.

Develop your ESP also holds some wonderful information for those who’ve read tarot or oracles for years. In this mini-course there’s enough material on other topics and how to develop as a true psychic that I would recommend starting with it, despite not being a starter anymore. 
And once you’ve worked through Ashby’s work, you have the foundation to dive deeper.

Author or artist Publisher Publication
Nina Ashby Red Wheel/Weiser January 2017

Wrap Up

Develop your ESP