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18 December 2015
Cover of Gee You Are You, showing Krishna Prem and Osho (r) together

Cover of Gee You Are You, showing Krishna Prem and Osho (r) together

Calling your meditation workshop a Playshop probably already gives away what kind of writer you are. Indeed, the man’s ‘don’t take yourself so seriously’-attitude breathes from the pages. I am talking about Krishna Prem, born Michael Mogul, and his book Gee You Are You (G.U.R.U). Prem is one of Osho’s (Bhagwan) students and his book revolves around the theme: finding out who you really are.

Eat, Pray, Love
Gee You are You starts with Krishna’s own journey of finding himself and his decision of leaving everything behind and jump on a plane to India. Michael found Osho and the Krishna inside himself and he has made it his life’s mission to help others find happiness and most of all self-acceptance. In a way it could be reminiscent of Elizabeth Gilberts Eat, Pray, Love. Without the Italian cuisine and the sappy romance. But while there’s definitely an overlap in theme, the writing style is different and much more anecdotal and journal-like than the novelistic approach of Gilbert. I could really see Julia Roberts in the movie-adaption of Eat, Pray Love, but who should play Prem…beats me! He’s one of those unique beings. (Yes, I have met him)

I think that proves that Krishna Prem really is only Prem and also does not filter anything he has to say. He takes you along on his journey until the moment he met Osho, what the man meant to him and how he has been living his life because of it. For fans of Osho this book is a must-read of course, but even if you aren’t an Osho-adept or are a little skeptical of the former spiritual leader you can still enjoy this book. After all: whatever your beliefs, this book has a message we could all benefit from.

Exercise in Gee You Are You

One of the exercises in the book.

True self
Gee You are You shows us we identify ourselves with what we DO instead of what we truly are on the inside. Human doers instead of human beings as the author points out. And that means we are missing the point of living. We already *are*, we don’t have to do something specific in order to become perfect or whatever we strife for (or think we must be due to societal and cultural pressure).If you become a witness of your true self, become more intimate with yourself, you have unlocked the mystery of the book, so Prem says. In his work you can find a few (meditation) exercises to help you experience a feeling of becoming one with the energy around us. Which will lead to becoming one with yourself and everyone else. I think his book could be called an extension of his Kundalini mediation workshops, but from a very personal perspective.

Krishna’s book is not for everyone though. First of all you need to be attracted to a little bit of Buddhist wisdom. But when it comes to what he shares it might not be for you either. Anecdotes are definitely humorous, or sad, or touching, but the author is also very open about sex and his previous drug-use. Like I said before: he doesn’t filter, he openly shares his passions as a younger man and how his body functions now at the age of 69. For some people that might be uncomfortable. I am not sure if sharing this was necessary but I think this is such an ultimate personal story it fits. Is it literature? No. And it definitely isn’t written as the next literary masterpiece. He writes like he’s talking to you, or thinking his thoughts *at you*. Imagine sitting on the floor of your living room, it’s late and you’re already on your third bottle of wine together, finding some left-over chips in the bag while he shares his anecdotes. That’s how it feels. I would categorise it as an ego-document that has a message. Several messages actually, on selfishness, loneliness and more of those -less words.

Krishna Prem, author of G.U.R.U.

Krishna Prem, author of G.U.R.U.

I think for those who are struggling to find their way in life and ask themselves questions as ‘who am I really?’, ‘why do I feel lonely?’, ‘why do I have all this drama in my life?’ and ‘how can I just be still and relax?’ this little book will definitely hit a few spots. It isn’t a self-help guide, it isn’t a true exercise book, but it is a personal story. A journal that makes you think, nod, smile, perhaps cry or feel uncomfortable every now and then. If you’ve ever felt the need to just take a few things and leave everything behind, well the story of Michael who became Krishna could perhaps tell you if that is what you truly need. Osho isn’t alive to guide you anymore but if we take stock of the central message of Gee You Are You, that isn’t necessary at all: you are you, we are all part of the same and the true journey doesn’t start with stepping on a plane, but with trying to find the core of your being.

NB. Krishna just did a tour to promote his book again and his G.U.R.U has recently been translated into Russian under the title The Cosmic Joke.

Author or artist Publisher Publication
Krishna Prema (Michael Mogul) Krishna Prem July 2011

Wrap Up

Gee You Are You