Charles Dickens Tarot | Literature’s archetypes & spreads | Artist’s Advice
Artist's Advice , Decks , Literature , Tarot , Waite-Smith / 2 October 2018

Dickensian divination: literature as a companion & spread tips | Charles Dickens Tarot |Chris Leech

Tarot & Literature: tarot deck based on the narrative of an author’s life

Wisdom in writing: “The Figure in the Carpet”
“The Charles Dickens Tarot (CDT) is not just a powerful working tarot deck created for the purposes of divination, but also a study of all Dickens’ novels and a biographical introduction to the great man’s life. Unlike the vertical orientation of most playing cards and tarot decks, the CDT displays its images in a horizontal frame to resemble a theatrical stage or open book. 

Court Games Tarot | Free Ancient Italian
Decks , Review , Tarot , Tarot de Marseille , Theme: TdM / 16 September 2016

This must be the most out of the ordinary deck review I’ve written up-to-date. The Court Games Tarot is all kinds of special: the designer wants to remain anonymous and goes by “M” and the deck itself: it is for free. Yep, a free Tarot deck. So if you have been thinking of stepping into the world of Tarot de Marseille but want to start slow (which usually means a deck closer to the Ancient Italians) and…

Win 78 cards from Eight Coins Tarot
Win & Offer / 20 March 2016

If you love tattoos, this might be the deck for you. Some time ago tattoo artist ‘eight coins’ crafted this deck as a way to increase her portfolio, but it is becoming quite the hit. As far as I can see this deck seems amazing indeed. And Ethony, a tarot reader, is having a giveaway until the end of March. It is easy to participate. Just find her on Instagram, repost the picture on your own IG or Facebook and hope for the best. I am for sure! ‪#‎78CardsEthony‬ FacebookPinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblr