Cover The Gypsy Palace Tarot
The Gypsy Palace Tarot | Review
Decks , Review , Tarot / 14 May 2016

Artistic decks are not to everyone’s taste. They have symbolism which is harder to recognize, sometimes completely divert from known imagery and if you’re not a 100% intuitive reader it will mean learning another tarot language. The Gypsy Palace Tarot by Nora Huszka is such a deck. If you had no intention of going on a new intense journey you better stop…

Tarot Illuminati | Review
Decks , Review , Tarot / 6 November 2015

I felt a bit disheartened when I first read about the ominous title Tarot Illuminati. While I had heard whispers it was going to be an amazing deck, that title unfortunately brought about such ‘conspiracy theorist’ connotations I was afraid this would actually solidify thoughts that tarot readers are a vague, untrustworthy kind with scary tools to boot. Until the postman actually arrived with the package and I forgot all about secret organizations. I won’t say it is ‘the deck to rule them all’, but it definitely…