Hurst’s Tarot history blog | Pre-Gebelin

21 September 2016

pregebelinThe owner of this blog, Micheal J. Hurst, unfortunately passed a few weeks ago (aug 2016). I guess that makes sharing this Tarot Multimedia Tip even more pressing. Anyone interested in the history of Tarot pre-Gebelin (traditional tarot, before the English school that brought forth the Waite-Smith, Thoth and most modern decks) will love this scholarly online approach. Hurst saw himself as a ‘Tarot geek, fascinated by the factual history and characteristic medieval allegory of this remarkable artifact’. No art-historian, but so well-read he deserved an honorary degree. Hurst was vehemently against any form of pseudo-history. He wanted facts. Anything that isn’t part of the traditional tarot (like certain New Age beliefs or GD-attributes) won’t be on his blog. What you can expect is an online library full with old pictures, verses, articles from other researchers and documents hundreds of years old. Didactic, explanatory and loads of thoughts on Tarot imagery and origins. Tarot buff or history buff? Enjoy! If you’re both, you might be ecstatic.

Hurst’s History Blog