Tarot at a Crossroads | Review
Books , Mindfulness , Review , Tarot , Tarot & Psychology / 29 April 2017

Tarot as a support for psychology, tarot therapy, tarot as a transformative tool, tarot for personal growth… Those are all terms we’ve heard and seen before. It is not a secret anymore tarot can be used for other things besides divination. However, in the literature the psychology angle has been unexpectedly scarce. Arthur Rosengarten’s Tarot and Psychology is probably as famous as it is ‘old’. Tarot at a Crossroads steps into this void

Everyday Tarot: a choice centered book | Review
Books , Mindfulness , Review , Tarot / 3 February 2016

I decided to give you a golden oldie. Sure, a review site usually shows the newest releases (patience my darlings, the 2016 beauties are not yet published), but I do not want to forget about tools and books that are still useful years after their first release. So today: Everyday tarot: a choice centered book.

The title of the publication, a choice centered book, becomes immediately clear in the introduction. Author Gail Fairfield says we, not others make and form our own lives, we choose and we respond.

We as readers have a choice on how to deal with life and everything that the universe throws at us. Whether it is

Richard Hartnett | Myth vlog
Multimedia , Mythology , Review / 7 November 2015

Myths and mythology linked to daily life. Ask Richard Hartnett and he’ll do it for you. And there’s even tarot in there! Quantum Spirituality just started with these video’s on myth but I’ve already seen two interesting vlogs, about vampires and zombies. Food for thought in a lecture-ish way. He reminds me of one of my old history professors, but don’t worry; not snoring-inducing. He also uses loads of other resources to reference, in case you are inspired. Quantum Mythology by Richard FacebookPinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblr