Bharata Tarot | Majors Only | Review

A playing card collector focused on high quality, born in the Indian Himalaya region – visited by Fortune tellers, Sadhus and Holy men on a frequent basis – having a wide network of Indian Tarot readers and a fascination with divination from a young age. Sounds like the recipe for a great tarot deck if such a man would ever try to create one, right? I am not saying it isn’t, but Sunish Chabba’s first try at reaching

The Great Lines Tarot Sneak peek & Interview
Decks , Interview , News , Sneak peek , Tarot de Marseille / 4 December 2017

We all know palmistry, and we know tarot. But reading depictions of line-drawn hands on our tarot decks…that’s…unheard of!. Until now, because that’s exactly the ‘in a nutshell’ description of Jehanne Fortin’s The Great Lines Tarot. Now on Kickstarter until the 20th of December, so you can still back if it you like original. A little sneak & interview with

Tarot of Hope: funds eye surgeries in 3rd world
News , Tarot / 9 March 2016

Over the course of the past year another wonderful collaborative Tarot deck has been made. The Tarot of Hope, an idea by Mark Watson, was created to financially help eye surgeons relieve ‘unnecessary blindness’ in Third World Countries.

The Tarot of Hope is currently on its way to being funded on Kickstarter- at least, that’s the goal. 7000 euro is needed to manifest the deck.

The project began in March of 2015 as an…

Tarot Experience campaign starts
News , Tarot / 18 February 2016

UPDATE FEB 23rd: it has started today. The campaign is almost to its first goal in less than 4 hours. Want to joint in the fun, then pledge away. The Kickstarter campaign for Tarot Experience, the second volume of the Lo Scarabeo Tarot Encyclopedia, after Tarot Fundamentals, will be launched next week.  The publisher, the Italian Lo Scarabeo, states on his Facebook page that with Tarot Experience they want to make “the ultimate book about tarot ever published!” Just like with the other Kickstarter campaign, making a pledge will guarantee you’ll get access to exclusive content for backers only, special collector decks and more! To find out the link watch the Lo Scarabeo Facebook page.   FacebookPinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblr