Develop your ESP (psychic development) | Review
Books , Cleansing , Psychic development , Review / 21 January 2017

When the Tarosophy Tarot Association opened a sister Psychic Development group to their 24k members counting tarot FB page it was no surprise the Psychic group saw thousands of people clicking ‘become a member’ fast. Many tarot readers see themselves as psychic or at least think that our intuition comes into play when reading the cards. After all: ‘there’s more between heaven and earth’ and ‘we are all psychic but some of us aren’t aware/are just more aware’ is a comment made often by those entertaining divination.

Nina Ashby, author of Develop your ESP. A quick and easy way to become psychic uses exactly that last thought to ease us into her guide to ‘paranormal powe…

Sneak peek: Soulful Woman Guidance Cards
News , Oracle , Sneak peek / 12 April 2016

Sorry guys…unless you feel like decks specifically catering to women can be of help to you, you’d have to sit this one out. Soulful Women Guidance Cards is an oracle deck by Shushann Movsessian & Gemma Summers and intended to give nurturance, empowerment and inspiration for the ‘Feminine Soul’ It’s a deck with 48 cards (LWB has 80 pages) focusing on the so-called sacred feminine, universal feminine power, that is a nourishing energy embracing all of humanity. The Soulful Woman Guidance Cards are intended to inspire and nurture your soul and will help you manifest that sacred energy for yourself. Art-team The cards in the Soulful Woman Guidance deck show women’s faces in different settings, drawn by 26 different female artists. Each of the cards has a powerful affirmation to work with. If you need some help trusting in the universe or divine timing, this could be the deck for you if I am to trust the blurb ;-). What I think based on the cards, is that it could be an ideal deck if you need something uplifting and work from there. And I might even suggest to take a look, even if you’re not (yet) soulful. Perhaps the…

The Soul Discovery Coloring Book |Review
Books , Mindfulness , Review / 1 April 2016

Adult coloring books are all the rage. Some of my friends have one, my parents got one on an outing with brothers and sisters, and I have been known to color a mandala or two. But now I have a real adult coloring book. And this book, called The Soul Discovery Coloring Book is a little different from just an average adult coloring book.
Why have those coloring books become so popular? It is not all of a sudden…

The 3 Cs, Chaos Crisis Confusion | Review
Books , Mindfulness , Review / 19 March 2016

Lately pretty much everyone around me is going through small or big painful transitions. People are stuck or just unhappy without realizing exactly why, or they have to deal with serious health issues, job loss, divorce or even death of a partner. “Life sucks” is an expression I hear a lot these days. The 3 C’s, Chaos, Crisis, Confusion: Your invitation to a new life by Alana Fairchild seems to want to tackle exactly that issue. I go through life trying to make the best out of very little. But I am quite allergic to writers who…

Rumi Oracle cover
Rumi Oracle | Review
Decks , Oracle , Review / 11 March 2016

If you’re on Facebook, you know Rumi. If you don’t, you’ve probably never seen a meme with an inspirational quote. The 13th century philosopher and poet is a very useful subject to quote the cr*p out if you want to make a point of love, mutual respect and personal growth. Perhaps, seeing his popularity amongst many ethnicities, it is a wonder no-one made a tarot or oracle deck inspired by his work sooner. Alana Fairfield, the creator of many interesting oracles like Sacred Rebels and Kuan Yin, decided to take the plunge and create the Rumi Oracle…