The Great Lines Tarot Sneak peek & Interview
Decks , Interview , News , Sneak peek , Tarot de Marseille / 4 December 2017

We all know palmistry, and we know tarot. But reading depictions of line-drawn hands on our tarot decks…that’s…unheard of!. Until now, because that’s exactly the ‘in a nutshell’ description of Jehanne Fortin’s The Great Lines Tarot. Now on Kickstarter until the 20th of December, so you can still back if it you like original. A little sneak & interview with

Sneak Peek: PookieCat Rune cards
News , Rune , Sneak peek / 2 June 2016

Tarot with cats…to some it brings a smile on their faces, others might have clicked away already. Better hold on! I am not talking about a tarot deck – although there is one from the same creator – but a Rune deck. Yep. Runes. On paper. With 1 cat. PookieCat Rune cards are definitely meant for divination, but more for that smile. Because we shouldn’t take life so seriously, according to their designer. And if you ever needed a simple way to introduce your child (or cousin) to your world, PookieCat has your back. Of course, I am paraphrasing Maria van Bruggen here, designer of all things PookieCat and currently running the last week of her already fully backed Kickstarter campaign. I am not into animals on my decks and have yet to become acquainted with runes, but I can definitely see why this divination tool might appeal to both kids and adults. Especially to those who could use some sunshine in their lives. Laughter When Van Bruggen – and yes I am a little proud she’s Dutch – explains the inspiration for her rune deck, this is what she emphasized: “Life is full with unpredictable moments. Some are happy,…

Sneak Peek: The Minoan Tarot
News , Sneak peek , Tarot / 20 May 2016

I am a huge Grecophile, actually lived on Crete and I am an historian. So the fact that the Minoan Tarot grabbed my attention is quite logical. But I would do the artist a disservice if I left it at that. The Minoan Tarot, now up for pre-order, and hand drawn by Laura Perry is definitely something different despite already so many Ancient history (Greek or Egyptian) decks out there. First of all, the Minoan culture has only been portrayed on a deck *once* before – that I know of. And that deck looks quite different, with another take on the suits and names of the Majors. The very colorful cards are inspired by frescoes, jewelry, pottery and carved seal stones created by the Minoans. And that is indeed visible, also in the style of the art. Border-change This is not the definite version yet – something about the borders is going to change. My hope is Perry will keep the fitting colored ones, find a solution for the titles and skip the yellow in its entirety. But all in all you can definitely see how this deck might look once its done. Not everyone will think this art is…

Sneak Peek: Felonious Felines Lenormand
Lenormand , News , Sneak peek / 18 May 2016

The ink on their latest deck isn’t even dry yet (campaign on Indiegogo still running) and the creative brains of James Battersby and Christine Aguilar are already working on a new deck. This one is basically an extension of their horror-deck the Twisted Tarot Tales. Inspiration came when working on a few nasty cats in that deck and the Felonious Felines was born. Not a tarot deck this time, but a Lenormand. Advanced deck The Felonious Felines Lenormand combines a love for cats, cat paintings, horror and inspiration from various cultures and time periods. No hardcore horror, but more a fantasy horror & adventure approach. 

Learning Lenormand can be difficult for tarot readers or people who respond to imagery and symbolism: despite any other embellishments or coloring the card rider is always rider and fox is always fox. For that reason – judging from the cards – Felonious Felines Lenormand is probably better suited for an intermediate or advanced Lenormand reader, instead of a Lenormand novice (luckily they’re not finished yet, so I can up my beginners status a.s.a.p and might just own my first and only cat deck!) Besides creating a Lenormand this time, there are other differences in…

Sneak peek: Gospel of Aradia Oracle
News , Oracle , Sneak peek / 12 April 2016

A sneak peek of a deck that is ready for order, because The Gospel of Aradia can become available at any moment and be on its way to your home. This oracle deck, by Stacey Demarco & Jimmy Manton, honors the mystery of the story of Aradia, a spiritual legend from the Middle Ages. The Gospel of Aradia is a 34 card deck, that comes with a guidebook in a hardcover box (like all by Blue Angel). It revolves around Aradia, a woman that some claim to be a goddess and others are convinced she was a woman of flesh and blood. Perhaps she was the first witch, or even leader of a resistance movement. Spiritual growth No-one really knows, it remains a mystery. But what is known, is that she played a role as a spiritual mentor and role model for women in medieval Italy (and the rest of Europe).   The Gospel of Aradia focuses on her teachings and therefore also on spiritual growth and making obstacles moments of opportunities. With the oracle you’ll also step into world of an ancient Italian witchcraft tradition – stregoneria –and connect with those who used to risk everything to remain true…