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1 October 2015


qs-bannerIf you need to contact The Queen’s Sword because you have a question or suggestion, do not hesitate to send me a message via e-mail or Facebook (I am also on DeviantArt).

I am always open to ideas for articles, related to a theme for example. I’ve done a Tarot de Marseille themed month, will do a yearly poll on popular decks of a certain type and have many more themes in mind. Those things take time, which I don’t always have, but they also create the need for guest editors. If you are a specialist in a certain area and want to contribute or have an idea (and don’t need too much guidance on writing an article) let me know.

Sponsored content
The Queen’s Sword is open to sponsored content and/or advertorials.  To find out more about options and conditions, contact me via e-mail.
NB. Ethically and legally (by Dutch and US law) I feel/am obliged to mention to readers this is paid for content. So, I am sticking with these two rules: 1. a disclaimer will be made above/under the article and 2. in order for Google to rank this page a no-follow needs to be included. That feels counterproductive, but it’s not. I rank pretty high most of the times and if I follow the rules your sponsored content will too.

How to send a review or demo copy
Want to send a book, tarot or oracle deck or perhaps paraphernalia for review? You can do that to the address below. Due to the extreme amount of taxes and duty I’ve had to pay over the last two years on review copies – which I have stopped doing  – I now advise you to please contact me prior to sending anything worth over $20,- to be sure how to fill in the customs form. Besides: checking if I have time is also smart, since my planning gets made several months in advance ;-).

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How to keep the sword writing?

Like my work and want me to continue as much as possible? You can donate to keep the sword writing and that’ll be much appreciated! Here’s the direct link to the PayPal Donation account for The Queen’s Sword. Every penny counts! (
(All donations will be used to cover costs for domain, hosting, decks/books that are popular but won’t give out review copies (indie designers), technical support and other possible investments.  This way every article, sneak preview and review can remain free for all interested readers, designers, authors & craftsmen.)

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