The Wyrd of Sarah Howard Oracle | Review
Decks , Oracle , Review / 31 July 2016

Instagram is sometimes the best place to discover new art & divination work. For one, it told me that Bonefire Tarot artist Gabi Angus-West had just published an oracle with the rather curious name The Wyrd of Sarah Howard Oracle. Truly limited edition: 100 copies**. At the time of receiving my personal package (nr 17!) I exclaimed on Facebook: “It rarely happens that my heart beats faster from an oracle. Sure, most have gorgeous art, but true oracles that can replace my tarot decks for advice and divination? Exceptional. One where…

Spirit Oracle | Review
Decks , Oracle , Review / 20 July 2016

For some time now I wanted to check out Tony Carmine Salerno’s work. Specifically having my eye on his Spirit Oracle and Universal Love deck (coming up later). While he doesn’t make tarot he’s one of the best known oracle designers of Blue Angel. A good oracle is just as useful for divination as a tarot deck can be. At least, if you have the right deck and are able to tap into your intuition 100% instead of relying on a system. Salerno is one of those (rare) oracle makers embracing both female and male energy.

Sneak peek: Gospel of Aradia Oracle
News , Oracle , Sneak peek / 12 April 2016

A sneak peek of a deck that is ready for order, because The Gospel of Aradia can become available at any moment and be on its way to your home. This oracle deck, by Stacey Demarco & Jimmy Manton, honors the mystery of the story of Aradia, a spiritual legend from the Middle Ages. The Gospel of Aradia is a 34 card deck, that comes with a guidebook in a hardcover box (like all by Blue Angel). It revolves around Aradia, a woman that some claim to be a goddess and others are convinced she was a woman of flesh and blood. Perhaps she was the first witch, or even leader of a resistance movement. Spiritual growth No-one really knows, it remains a mystery. But what is known, is that she played a role as a spiritual mentor and role model for women in medieval Italy (and the rest of Europe).   The Gospel of Aradia focuses on her teachings and therefore also on spiritual growth and making obstacles moments of opportunities. With the oracle you’ll also step into world of an ancient Italian witchcraft tradition – stregoneria –and connect with those who used to risk everything to remain true…

Sneak peek: Soulful Woman Guidance Cards
News , Oracle , Sneak peek / 12 April 2016

Sorry guys…unless you feel like decks specifically catering to women can be of help to you, you’d have to sit this one out. Soulful Women Guidance Cards is an oracle deck by Shushann Movsessian & Gemma Summers and intended to give nurturance, empowerment and inspiration for the ‘Feminine Soul’ It’s a deck with 48 cards (LWB has 80 pages) focusing on the so-called sacred feminine, universal feminine power, that is a nourishing energy embracing all of humanity. The Soulful Woman Guidance Cards are intended to inspire and nurture your soul and will help you manifest that sacred energy for yourself. Art-team The cards in the Soulful Woman Guidance deck show women’s faces in different settings, drawn by 26 different female artists. Each of the cards has a powerful affirmation to work with. If you need some help trusting in the universe or divine timing, this could be the deck for you if I am to trust the blurb ;-). What I think based on the cards, is that it could be an ideal deck if you need something uplifting and work from there. And I might even suggest to take a look, even if you’re not (yet) soulful. Perhaps the…

Sneak peek: Dreams of Gaia Tarot
News , Sneak peek , Tarot / 12 April 2016

Blue Angel Publishing announced some of its upcoming releases. One beauty, based on the pictures, is Dreams of Gaia Tarot. This deck, with artwork by Ravynne Phelan (aka Michele-lee Phelan), is almost ten years in the making and especially interesting for those who like healing and huge tarot cards. The 81 cards come with black borders, gold-gilded edges and a 308-page guidebook. The philosophy of the Dreams of Gaia Tarot is to seek, to feel, to grow and to heal. The idea behind the tarot deck is that you’ll strengthen the connection to your divine self all the while helping you to heal past experiences that hold you back in the present. By using Dreams of Gaia you will be able to live to your fullest potential. Different archetypes The Dreams of Gaia Tarot has both a major and minor arcana, but in a way tarot readers can’t envision until they have the deck in their hands. It is divided into life phases, influences and reasons for being. So don’t expect The Chariot, The Tower or Hanged Man for example. This del comes with new archetypes, symbology and meanings that the artist thinks is more suited to the present. That statement…