Paraphernalia recommendations on The Queen’s Sword

29 February 2016
This is an ordinary tarot bag and some crystals. Those won't make the cut of course.

This is an ordinary tarot bag and some crystals. Those won’t make the cut of course.

The Queen’s Sword has gained another menu item. Interested in very original or high quality extra’s for your mindfulness practice or tarot business? The Paraphernalia Menu is your place-to-be online!

I want to be as complete as possible when it comes to reviews and decided to expand on the recommendations I already give. That way you guys don’t miss out on anything. So, what is this all about? Original, highly useful or beautiful tools, that is what this is about.

In the Paraphernalia section you will find recommendations on tarot cases and pouches that are ‘something else’, special spread cloths, pendulums, card sleeves, crystal pens, awesome journals, gemstone jewelry, bookmarks, book sleeves, meditation pillows, candles, music, singing bowls…Those things! And I will put them on the site if: I have used it/them, am really impressed by its usefulness, originality or beauty and would absolutely think this could be a nice gift or great addition to your business.

No grades, just (about) a 300 word-piece with pictures and my opinion. The Queen’s Stamp of Approval. Let’s hope I’ll find you many beautiful and useful paraphernalia!

As always: suggestions, demo types and review copies are welcome.