Arcana Case by Tarotista

2 March 2016

Tarotista's Arcana CaseIt is almost a year ago that one of my friends from the Tarot Professionals FB group asked me if I was willing to do an exchange. In honor of World Tarot Day I’d do a reading for her and she would in return gift me two of her tarot bags.
While tarot bags come in all forms and sizes, home made, factory made and sometimes as the result of an out-of-control knitting hobby, they are rarely worth writing about. Not in this case though.  So, if you now think: ‘darn it. Just what I need. Another tarot related product to add to my ever growing wish list, then step away from the device. I am about to do some serious gushing!

My tarot bag of the year is no bag, but a case. An Arcana Case to be exact.

My five arcana cases, housing a different variety of decks. Currently the are 'packing' Golden Botticelli (LS), Nefertari (LS), Steampunk (LwLn), The New Mythic (USG) and the Original Rider-Waite (USG).

My five arcana cases, housing a different variety of decks from the three big publishers.
My new go-to decks deserve one too.

And those of you who know Tarotista’s work (that’s who makes them) realize I got the better end of the deal.
Her Arcana Cases are sold on Etsy. Beautiful craftsmanship, excellent work, with a clamshell closure and cardboard insert to keep the shape in great order without your deck in it. Everything is hand-sown, so yeah, next-day-delivery is not an option.

But in my opinion, and I absolutely don’t favor friends on my site, they are worth the wait and the pentacles! If you’re worried this is not for you: Tarotista delivers in different ‘standard’ sizes for Lo Scarabeo, US Games and the RWS decks, but also does a lot of custom work. So perhaps you are not a tarot reader, but could use them for something else: message her! Tarotista cruises her state on a regular basis to find the most exquisite fabrics; silk and brocades mostly, but in such different patterns there is something for everyone, male or female.

Nirvana case
My first Arcana Cases were the Bohemian Grand Opera and a red brocade silk no longer on the site. My latest duo-buy is one I am still showing basically everyone who is even remotely interested in my life or tarot. Because they are so pretty!

The Amethyst Nirvana, my favorite arcana case. The Nefertari tarot fits perfectly in this one!

The Amethyst Nirvana, my favorite arcana case. The Nefertari tarot fits perfectly in this one!

I am the proud owner of the Solar Gold Brocade, housing my Golden Botticelli deck (sensing a theme here). And I am absolutely in love with my reversible Amethyst Nirvana with a very special kind of gold satin on the inside…or outside if I so wish. The only one of its kind in this combo! And I am sure you’ll agree (or at least those who are into tarot) that the Nefertari Tarot really does that case justice (ehm, yes…instead of the other way around, lol).

As you can see my first arcana case was also not my last and only the first time bartering was involved. These cases are just great to have. Again, they are beautiful and quality hand-made items. It is an original housing for your cards and they make your deck look like you’re giving yourself a gift everyday! Especially if you have your decks on display or read face to face I am certain the arcana cases make an impression. And, pssst…Tarotista is working on reading cloths now as well.

Arcana cases by Tarotista