Hurst’s Tarot history blog | Pre-Gebelin

The owner of this blog, Micheal J. Hurst, unfortunately passed a few weeks ago (aug 2016), but anyone interested in the history of Tarot pre-Gebelin (traditional tarot, before the English school that brought forth the Waite-Smith, Thoth and most modern decks) will love this scholarly online approach. Hurst saw himself as a ‘Tarot geek, fascinated by the factual history and characteristic medieval allegory of this remarkable artifact’. No art-historian, but so well-read he…

Tarot Unlocking the Arcana | Book Review
Books , Review , Tarot / 27 August 2016

If you were named Tarosophist of the Year and a YouTube sensation you have a reputation to uphold. Writing a tarot book then in your early twenties is a big step. It’s one that Schiffer Books was willing to take with him and there is a ‘rumor’ book 2 is being written as we speak. Time for a review on number one Tarot Unlocking the Arcana and see if it upholds the Nasios rep.

Tarot Flip | Book review
Books , Review , Tarot / 8 May 2016

What is the fastest way to learn to read Tarot? If you yourself have not asked this question, you’ve probably seen it on a forum or Facebook-group for sure. We all know that learning Tarot is a never-ending study and to be able to interpret the cards well, will take practice, practice, practice on a daily basis for at least a year (or more). But what if there *was* a way to speed that process up and not…

Sneak peek: Twisted Tarot Tales
News , Sneak peek , Tarot / 12 April 2016

UPDATE II: A review on the Twisted Tarot Tales is coming in the first week of October 2016 as part of the Winter Wonderland of Extraordinary Tarot. Felt like the TTT was *the* best deck to kick-off such a theme 😉 UPDATE APRIL 24TH 2016: Instead of Kickstarter the campaign will run on Indiegogo, starting tomorrow on April 25th. The makers of the deck have created a very informative website on Twisted Tarot Tales in case you want to see more. ORIGINAL POST: I love a bit of controversy, so it is with pleasure I show you the sneak peek of the nearly finished The Twisted Tarot Tales deck. A deck that is all about horror comics and has shocked a few readers already. My take: even if you will never read with it, buy it as a collector’s deck! I am anticipating my review there a bit. Who knows, I might come to a different conclusion. But I think not. James Battersby and his partner Christine are responsible for this ‘controversial’ deck. Not surprisingly because they have quite the reputation after their Cultural Revolution deck. (Although I never really understood why people had such an issue with that one…