Tarot Flip | Book review
Books , Review , Tarot / 8 May 2016

What is the fastest way to learn to read Tarot? If you yourself have not asked this question, you’ve probably seen it on a forum or Facebook-group for sure. We all know that learning Tarot is a never-ending study and to be able to interpret the cards well, will take practice, practice, practice on a daily basis for at least a year (or more). But what if there *was* a way to speed that process up and not…

Type Tarot | Review
Decks , Oracle , Review , Tarot / 19 February 2016

Here’s a treat for word-smiths and language-lovers. I had been eyeing the Type Tarot for review for a while and J Artis, designer, was happy to let my wish come true. Together with his close friend Tiffany Craig, he worked on this Tarot and I am really curious if they delivered just a novelty or also a useful deck. The Type Tarot is packed in a too big black tuck box with the logo and print on it. Not that