Falnama: Turkish Oracle Cards | Review
Decks , History & Culture , Oracle , Review / 17 July 2018

Original, pretty (or extraordinarily gorgeous), enticing, out-of-the-box, newsworthy & educational. If any of those keywords are applicable to a deck or book that I’ve seen, chances are I want to have it (written about) on The Queen’s Sword. The Falnama Turkish Oracle cards is happily supported by at least one of those terms, which is why you’re reading this. Based

5 reading tips for the Falnama Oracle | Tutorial
Decks , Oracle , Tutorial / 17 July 2018

5 TIPS to read better with the Falnama Turkish Oracle Cards Extra reading tips from The Queen’s Sword & the creators of the deck. & Includes 2 extensive test readings by TQS The Falnama Oracle deck knows no equal. Or at least…there is currently non alike. It is, as far as I know, the first modern interpretation with cards of the 16th and 17th century Islamic Book(s) of Omens, a way of divination also called Falnama. The Falnama Oracle challenges you to interpret in a different way. To make that transition a tad easier The Queen’s Sword created a mini tutorial with 5 tips and 2 example readings. An addition to its companion with the help of creators Asli & Polat. TIP 1. Envision and wish Forget everything you’ve been taught on Lenormand or tarot when it comes to questions for a moment. Don’t ask a how or why question: start with an intention, a wish. For a love reading focus on the person you’d like to be with. For a career query see yourself in that new job.  That’ll translate into a question the Oracle will answer. TIP 2. Use Female and Male energies In some readings you only…