Hermit’s Lamp Podcast: divination interviews

4 September 2017

Canada’s Andrew Kyle McGregor isn’t just any tarot salesman. Other than offering great TdM (and tarot indie) decks in his webshop, he also offers original courses on divination and cartomancy. However, my main recommendation goes to his personal tarot knowledge and the way he uses it: McGregor’s The Hermit’s Lamp Podcast is a unique podcast within the Tarot Industry – with capitals, yep and if you subscribe to it you’ll be able to enjoy many awesome interviews with renowned names (artists, authors, readers).

Along the line he’s got inside info from the recently departed Yoav Ben-Dov on creating his CBD, chatted with other great TdM-names like Camelia Elias and Enrique Enriguez and all podcasts are set up to teach you something or have you think about the topic of tarot and divination.

Big divination names
Of course, I am presenting this multimedia tip during Traditional Tarot Month, hence focusing on the Tarot de Marseille angle, but truly…everyone should pick out at least one or two to check out. He’s just released his 65th and in those 65 broadcasts you’ll also find talks with none other than author Barbara Moore on decks, James Wells on a journey through the Major Arcana, Rana George on the secrets of Lenormand and Robert Place on Tarot & Alchemy. That’s just a tiny grab from the titles.

Owner & podcaster of The Hermit’s Lamp Andrew against a wall full of large TdM cards.

Sometimes, especially the earlier podcasts, the sound quality leaves something to be desired for and it can be a little lengthy or too academic for beginners at times. But the core of this podcast is: contents are interesting, the style is laid back. A nice combination of learning, fun, tips, TdM& Tarot-greatness and friendly talks. And now we wait for my interview! Kidding…

The Hermit’s Lamp Podcast: tarot greatness in broadcasting