News , Win & Offer / 6 February 2017

DISCOUNT ON DURER’S TAROT VIA THE QUEEN’s SWORD! If you thought “I want that special deck!” after reading my Durer’s Tarot review, I have a nice little surprise for you all. Readers of The Queen’s Sword are now eligible for a nice discount from TarotBG! What are the steps? 1.GO TO: 2. Adding the code Queenssword will give you 3% discount! If you have not read the review yet, you can read it here: Durer’s Tarot | Review A link to where to buy is underneath the article in the NB and in the Wrap-Up. Have fun discount-shopping ;-). FacebookPinterestTwitterStumbleUponLinkedinemailTumblr

Durer’s Tarot | Review
Decks , Review , Tarot / 5 February 2017

When we say Renaissance we think the ‘Italians’: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. However, one of the great masters (painting and engraving) of that time was hanging out in what we now call Germany and working for Emperor Maximilian I. His name: Albrecht Dürer. Boutique webshop TarotBG recently (re)released a Bulgarian Tarot deck called Durer’s Tarot, based on his works. And if you were looking for something ‘never seen before’ you definitely want to keep reading.

Discount Tarot de Marseille decks during TdM month at TarotBG
News , Tarot de Marseille , Win & Offer / 31 August 2016

Discount Tarot de Marseille decks especially for The Queen’s Sword readers at TarotBG boutique webshop! September 2016 is Tarot de Marseille month on The Queen’s Sword. With reviews, tips and two guest editors we will already treat you to something special, but there’s more! To celebrate this TdM month one of the best Tarot Boutiques of Europe decided to do something special for The Queen’s Sword readers. If you order one of the Tarot de Marseille decks available in the TarotBG shop (see full list below) during TdM Month and enter the code QUEENSSWORD in the voucher-area you will get a 5 % (five percent) discount on your purchase! Had your eye on one of these beauties already, then here’s your chance. The code is valid from 01/09/2016 00.00.00 until 30/09/2016 23.59.00 (European dating). To make it easier for you I already added the right links for you to click on. Enjoy shopping! And Enjoy Tarot de Marseille Month on The Queen’s Sword! 1. Ancient Tarot of Marseilles by Grimaud       2. Tarot de Marseille – Convos Russian edition.       3. Tarot Marsella – (grand trumps)       4. Le Tarot de Marseille – Tarot…