Tarot Apokalypsis kit | Review
Decks , Mythology , Review , Tarot / 22 October 2016

I wanted to review this tarot deck much sooner, but the minute I thought of confirming my review copy with Lo Scarabeo it turned out Tarot Apokalypsis, the kit, had already been sold out and I had to wait for new stock to arrive in Italy. It’s a testament to the popularity of tarot power couple Kim Huggens & Erik C Dunne. And the reason why this article is long overdue. Was it worth the wait? Let’s find out!…

Shamanic Healing Oracle
Shamanic Healing Oracle | Review
Decks , Oracle , Review / 19 August 2016

Oracle decks: light, fluffy, colorful and loving thoughts, right? Wrong! It seems oracle makers are making more and more exceptions on the ‘uplifting’ rule and dive deep into the dark soul. Where a certain type of reader rather stayed away from the colorful animals, angels and fairies and thought oracles had nothing to offer Schiffer’s Shamanic Healing Oracle shows once again that oracles can bring a whole lot more to the table when it comes to reading the cards.

Rumi Oracle cover
Rumi Oracle | Review
Decks , Oracle , Review / 11 March 2016

If you’re on Facebook, you know Rumi. If you don’t, you’ve probably never seen a meme with an inspirational quote. The 13th century philosopher and poet is a very useful subject to quote the cr*p out if you want to make a point of love, mutual respect and personal growth. Perhaps, seeing his popularity amongst many ethnicities, it is a wonder no-one made a tarot or oracle deck inspired by his work sooner. Alana Fairfield, the creator of many interesting oracles like Sacred Rebels and Kuan Yin, decided to take the plunge and create the Rumi Oracle…

Tarot Gallery 2010 | Galleria dei Tarocchi
Books , Review , Tarot / 21 January 2016

Most tarot and oracle readers have an almost insatiable appetite for images. Tarot images that is (although yours truly can enjoy every type of art). While we have our ‘go-to’ decks, whether we are diviners or readers with a focus on personal growth, we can still enjoy that wonderful art and symbology in different decks. And most of us turn in to deck-buying-addicts because of it. Lo Scarabeo understood that and created a wonderful coffee table art book called Tarot Gallery or Galleria dei Tarocchi (edition 2010). To be honest, I have always been a little jealous of those people with wonderfully decorated…