Lunar Fire Tarot coming in June 2016

28 October 2015

The Page of Cups | Lunar Fire

The Lunar Fire Tarot has been successfully backed through Kickstarter. Within 48 hours the initial goal was reached and a couple of days later a stretch goal – a red silk wrap -was added to the cart of everyone who bought this visually stunning and haunting deck in the campaign.

Lunar Fire Tarot, created by tarot reader Fiona Benjamin and drawn by artist Nghia Hoang is a slightly darker deck. According to Benjamin it is a deck that strives to touch upon the honest parts of the human soul and the difficulties we undertake in our lives. The art style pulls from spiritual and traditional symbolism to create a world that challenges us to face our demons.

It most likely will be excellent for advice and breaking damaging behavioral patterns. But seeing that Fiona herself is a diviner I am pretty sure these 80 cards will be suitable for just that as well. In any case the deck will be accompanied by a soft cover Little White Book, so no worries if you have no knowledge of this specific kind of symbolism.


The creators will use part of the funding to lower the shipping costs for those across the ocean, but of course only for those who backed the campaign. But I have to say: very sympathetic. The Lunar Fire tarot will most likely be ready by June 2016, so if you missed the Kickstarter chances are you can order it then.

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