Creating a Modern Marseille | Behind the scenes

Looking over the shoulder of a tarot deck designer while he is creating is impossible. It was…until now. In an unparalleled account Michael Bridge-Dickinson, creator of The Orbifold Tarot and currently working on Arcanum X, is showing us step-by-step his thought process and literal creation. Inspiring for deck designers-to-be and a huge taste of what’s to come for tarot readers and collectors!

Tarot de Besançon | Through the designer’s eyes

A look behind the scenes. Sneak peek through the designer’s eyes. Evalyne Hall – J.Jerger’s Tarot de Besançon “Why do an historical reproduction?, I was asked for The Queen’s Sword. The journey with the deck began when I began translating Du Jeu des Tarots and Recherches Sur les Tarots from Le Monde Primatif Volume 8. As I was translating the essays, I realized that two different decks were used for examples in the book. Antoine Court De Gébelin used an unidentifiable TdM and le Comte de Mellet (Louis-Raphael Lucrece de Fayolle) described a similar deck with Jupiter and Junon replacing the Pope and the Popess. I had never heard of this deck, having a limited Marseille knowledge (back then), but I knew that those images had to be included in the book. Based on Jupiter and Junon, I first found the 1JJ Swiss deck (OPP and much too new). A Google image search then led me to the British Museum and the Biblioteque National de France where I was able to locate four Besançon style decks; however, each deck had difference in some of the cards.   In particular, with the Devil and the Four of Pentacles, Mellot used the phrases “He…