Sneak peek: Starlight Dragon Tarot

21 December 2015

Sun card Starlight Dragon tarotStarlight Dragon Press and designer Nora Huszka, presented the XIX, Sun card of her upcoming Starlight Dragon tarot deck today. The solstice was a good opportunity to unveil the newest addition to the set that is scheduled to be independently published in May 2016. A crowdfunding campaign is on its way to make it possible.

The Sun was the third shown card of The Starlight Dragon Tarot, a collaboration between German tarot reader and writer Steph Engert and artist Nora Huszka, known for her Gypsy Palace tarot. Earlier cards were XIII, Death and the Queen of Cups (when this website wasn’t live yet). All cards have a black background with very colorful drawings. While the shape of the cards is square, the images use that square more in the form of a star, with the corners on top and bottom.

Death card Starlight Dragon tarot
Queen of Cups card Starlight Dragon tarot

According to the information on the website The Starlight Dragon Tarot is “all about transforming the deep spiritual knowledge dragons are guarding and imparting for ages and all over the world. Thereby using creativity, destruction/overcoming and challenges and wisdom.”

The Dragon-duo Steph and Nora launched the website for the deck in the first week of January 2016. If you want to check it out, click here for Starlight Dragon Tarot info.

The Sun Poem
Sun, our Centre  – Life Source, Splendour
I sing Sublime Celebration
On the day of the Sun begins to renew its strength, we are conscious of the Sun as the source of life-giving light and warmth, the power of re-assurance and self-confidence, immortalized in the sun-gods of our myths an mythologies.  We reflect on or give honor to the sun as the strongest living fire for us to experience,  nourishing and destroying in equal measure.  We feel its re-wakening externally and inwardly, for we bear our own sun inside ourselves. We are one with the sun and our sun when we feel mostly closely our Self, empowered, inspired and inspiring.