Pagan Otherworlds Tarot with gold foil

17 November 2015

AceofpentaclesPaganOtherworldIf you were on the look-out for a set of hand-painted tarot cards and want a deck that can be used for self-discovery I urge you to browse by the Kickstarter page of Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by Uusi. Uusi is known for their playing cards with a similar style (Pagan poker deck), but they have now turned this into a a very earthy lovely painted tarot deck.

The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot will be having 84 cards, 5 cards including the 8 pivotal phases in the lunar calendar. You could use those in your meditations or answer those ruddy timing questions perhaps.

Uusi’s inspiration came from the everyday magic and wisdom of nature. ‘Some of humanity’s most ancient symbols and narratives – like those found in the tarot – are bewitching representations of our natural world created and arranged to connect us to nature and each other more meaningfully.   And meaning combined with knowledge is humanity’s unique, superpower,’ as stated on their campaign page.

Deathpaganotherw PaganotherwqueenofPFunded in a day
The deck already has been successfully funded, reached its first stretch goal and finally arranged gold foil for all the Luna cards (stretch goal 2) too.

The campaign is finished, but the deck will be send out to backers in July 2016 and then you can probably add on to your collection as well.
You can see their progress on the Kickstarter page since they show newly painted Majors and other cards.

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