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28 October 2016

5711088A lot of card readers use crystals in their practice. Either because of a ‘gemstone-fetish’ (guilty), to ‘infuse’ cards with energy, to protect themselves or perhaps some clients expect to see them. And then there is of course gemstone therapy. Carry Me Crystals Oracle combines a few things of the above. This oracle is said to offer a substitute for stones and a message on what you need right now.

The Carry me Crystals Oracle, released quite recently by Schiffer Publishing, is delivered in a nice container. The white and lilac colored box feels like a rather luxurious chocolate bonbon packaging. The cover can be opened by pulling a little ribbon (cover lid will remain standing), revealing a large full color companion book and a small opening for a Lenormand sized oracle deck.

Carry me Crystals box with gemstone oracle cards and book

Carry me Crystals box with gemstone oracle cards and book

It was a bit surprising to have such space for such a tiny deck, but the Carry Me Crystals Oracle won’t be overlooked this way. Besides, I do believe there will be options to use it in a different way. With its special top it can become a beautiful display when you take out the carton that holds the oracle. Instead you might find something to keep the deck together, like a pouch or rubber band, and use the box as a whole to store and show crystals and gemstones. To name but an example.

Special remedy kit
The Carry Me Crystals Oracle consists of 44 cards, each holding a picture of a gemstone/crystal and on the back – in the color of the stone – an explanation on the usefulness of said crystal. Information on a Turquoise will be given in light blue, the Amethyst is purple and the Topaz gives you an orange tinted card. If you have a Selenite or Labradorite laying around when you draw that card, you work with the gemstone itself and follow the insturctions in the companion. If you don’t and you pull this card…well, that’s the most important thought behind this deck!

The Oracle was made after thinking about the question: What if you didn’t have access to the crystal, but still want to work with it? According to the Schiffer website “the power of intention and the creative use of thoughts and words (…)” can remedy that. “Using your intention, carrying a crystal card is like carrying the physical gemstone.”. In other words: this kit was made to not only give you more information on the healing abilities of gemstones (not in the place of a medical consult of course), but also to teach how intent and motivation can make you channel their characteristics. Because these cards are rather small, you can pocket them easily as if you would a stone.

Carry me Crystals box with gemstone oracle cards

Carry me Crystals workbook

Carry me Crystals page with chakra stoplight

Carry me Crystals page with chakra stoplight

Who & what?
Elizabeth Jarvis visioned Carry Me Crystals in this way. Peter Jarvis, crystal dealer for the healer, offered his thoughts on gems’ properties and how can clear your Chakras. And Joanie Eisinger, shared information by her guide, Yeshua, on each crystal mentioned in the workbook. This all makes Carry Me Crystals Oracle a rather special deck and one I have not have seen before. The question is: how useful is it?

The Carry Me Crystals Oracle box carries the, very necessary, workbook. This workbook describes in simple terms how a crystal, or the card, can be used for empowerment, personal growth or clearing of chakras. Every stone gets two pages, with a picture of the crystal and something that looks like a stoplight. This stoplight shows all 7 chakras, represented by a circle. Whichever circle is colored corresponds to the chakra that can be reached with this stone.

Guide & book
Little example: one of my all time favorite stones Labradorite is apparently useful for the clearing of all chakras. But this gemstone can also be used for restoring energy, healing or cleansing your system and imbalances. So, if you’re tired or in need of some healing, you carry the Labradorite card around. I was surprised ‘famous’ crystals like Mountain Crystal and Moonstone were missing from the cards & book though. Since Eisinger is said to have channeled the information, I can only guess those weren’t mentioned by her guide.

Carry me Crystal box with gemstone oracle cards

Carry me Crystal box with gemstone oracle cards

Carry me Crystals oracle card with the oracular message and power of the crystal/stone

Carry me Crystals oracle card with the oracular message and power of the crystal/stone

Unlike many online sources (or therapists) The Carry Me Crystals Oracle guide focuses *not* on physical ailments, but – very Oracle card-like – on the emotional area. For meditation and letting go of anger for example. Of course I tested. And in that area most of the time the card I drew from the pile was in sync with my mood or situation.

Moderately helpful
That’s where the ‘oracle’ part of this deck stopped by the way. Into letting one know what the focus should be in your life. Or how to tackle a certain issue emotionally. Other divination options weren’t available. It’s then onto the use of the stone, or in this case: the card of the stone. Honestly, despite having tried hard *and* being sensitive to some actual gemstones, I experienced no effect from carrying the cards (NB. I once had a 1st degree burn from a Rose Quartz after a very difficult breakup or experienced tingling and dizziness while holding a crystal – no, not kidding). That’s not to say it won’t work perfectly with you. We all react differently. I personally had no response. Which made the core of the deck *for me* fall short.

scan-2016-10-28-0002-10The Carry Me Crystals Oracle is said to be of interest to both beginners and advanced gemstone healers. I wonder if that is actually true. Advanced gemstone healers know so much about stones that I can’t imagine 44 cards will be truly supportive. And they usually have drawers full too.

Perhaps the advanced readers will see it as a moderately helpful tool to see what’s on their clients mind…and I guess it will have the same place in a beginner’s healing practice. My guess is, it is the most interesting for an individual, trying out the whole gemstone therapy angle. Nothing wrong with that, but it leaves this deck with just a very minor supporting role. It’s more of a fun-to-have kit for beginners in the crystal-community.


All-in-all Carry Me Crystals is some sort of ‘special edition’ deck. Not a fad per se, but I think even too specific to be called a niche. The deck has and is a novel approach that’s ‘nice to have’. Nothing more than that. The whole concept was interesting, but a little disappointing overall. I don’t expect loads of readers to jump on this chance, other than the ones who have integrated crystals into their lives one way or the other. Or better yet: want to start doing that. It fits into the tradition of having a client pick an extra card after a session. As a divination tool it doesn’t work. For those who want to work with crystals and are on a tight budget, this pretty looking kit could be an interesting starting point.

Author or artist Publisher Publication
Jarvis, Jarvis & Eisinger Schiffer Books 2016

Wrap Up

Carry me Crystals Oracle