Tarosophy Awards 2015: winners
News , Tarot / 7 March 2016

The nominations and winners of the sixth annual TAROSOPHY AWARDS are known. 
These price-winners were chosen by several hundred tarot professionals worldwide and will receive promotion in the following year through social networks and the Tarot Association’s magazine Tarosophist International and Facebook Page.

Here is an overview of the Award winners:

Tarot Deck (Mass Market Published) of the Year 2015
Winner: The Green Wit

Book M: Liber Mundi | Review
Books , Decks , Review , Tarot / 5 March 2016

Companion books usually leave a lot to desire. We don’t call them little white booklets for nothing; they are hardly deserving of the name book and we usually crave lots more information when it is a deck that has a lot of symbolism or a consistent theme. Luckily there are decks where a companion book can be bought separately. Book M: Liber Mundi is one of those, and belongs to the Tabula Mundi nox et lux. My job to see if Book M…