Sneak Peek: The Minoan Tarot
News , Sneak peek , Tarot / 20 May 2016

I am a huge Grecophile, actually lived on Crete and I am an historian. So the fact that the Minoan Tarot grabbed my attention is quite logical. But I would do the artist a disservice if I left it at that. The Minoan Tarot, now up for pre-order, and hand drawn by Laura Perry is definitely something different despite already so many Ancient history (Greek or Egyptian) decks out there. First of all, the Minoan culture has only been portrayed on a deck *once* before – that I know of. And that deck looks quite different, with another take on the suits and names of the Majors. The very colorful cards are inspired by frescoes, jewelry, pottery and carved seal stones created by the Minoans. And that is indeed visible, also in the style of the art. Border-change This is not the definite version yet – something about the borders is going to change. My hope is Perry will keep the fitting colored ones, find a solution for the titles and skip the yellow in its entirety. But all in all you can definitely see how this deck might look once its done. Not everyone will think this art is…

Sola-Busca Tarot by Mayer: a piece of history
Decks , Review , Tarot / 15 January 2016

It rarely happens I treat a deck with reverence. Sure, my tarot and oracle collection is worth a lot to me and I take good care of any deck. But with the Sola-Busca I had the urge to use those white cotton gloves curators of certain museums use before touching a rare, ancient, valuable object. I guess that was the first ‘warning’ this deck is not your average tarot package, but something pretty special. If you’re not an avid reader, you