Specials & Features

24 November 2017

Specials & Features on The Queen's Sword. Tarot guest writers, tutorials on historical decks, interviews with oracle designers and much more.The Queen’s Sword is the go-to review site for thoughtful and thorough reviews on new and classic releases. Want an honest, but respectful opinion on that deck or book you’ve put on your wish list, chances are your answer can be found on these pages. But The Queen’s Sword is an online tarot magazine in more than just word. We don’t stop at reviews and opinions in our sneak peek. If you want specials, tutorials, interviews and guest writer articles this Specials & Features page is the place to be (too).

Artist’s Advice: Exclusive tips & essays by creators
If you want to read all the essays and unique reading tips provided by deck designers and divination authors you click the menu button for Artist’s Advice, the showcase column for new releases. These creators write something especially for The Queen’s Sword to show off their skills and give you more ways to work with their deck or book (and often these tips can be done with any deck). Sometimes The Queen’s Sword deviates from this formula when we get the chance to get a look behind the scenes (of, for example, the process of creating a tarot deck).

Tutorials & Tips: Not a dancing queen, but a teaching queen…
Are you more interested in learning about specific tarot systems, how to solve problems or would you love to get tips on how to read with a particular historical deck? The Queen’s Sword has that covered. Alone or with the help of a guest writer you can find mini courses, tip articles and tutorials under Tutorials & Tips in the menu.

Interviews: a podium for every creator
Has a designer come up with something out-of-the-box? Did a publisher just release an interesting line of decks or are there other news-worthy things you need to know? The Queen’s Sword not only has a news-section with sneak peeks of decks, but on a regular basis we interview big or upcoming names in the tarot community. Designer, publisher or author, they can have their say in the Interview section.

If you have something to offer that could belong into either one of these sections, contact me! Don’t have anything to contribute content-wise but you’d love to show appreciation for the work I do and want to keep the sword writing, you can always check out my Donations page for possibilities.