Tarot podcast by MM Meleen & Tarotista

13 June 2017

It’s too bad I haven’t been able to write a little review for you guys, so it can be part of the “Recommendation Menu”, (although perhaps you just want to decide for yourself!) but I guess here’s a bit of podcast activity you don’t want to miss if Thoth is your friend!

Imagine one of those old town criers, all dressed up in his medieval garb, holding a scroll with important news? Got him? Good, cause he has an announcement to make worthy of a little embellishment ;-). Fortune’s Wheelhouse, a podcast about esoterica and the tarot launches Tuesday, June 13th, 2017, at 11:35am EST ! So? That is not town-crier-hefty, you might think…

Well, this isn’t just any podcast. It is a journey through the mysteries of the tarot, its symbolism and lore (starting with the imagery of the 22 major arcana)…led by none other than Tarotista Susie Chang and deck designer MM Meleen (if you read my website on a regular basis you must have felt you’d ended up in the M-channel lately, so yeah…that one!…)

Esoteric wealth in contents
Fortune’s Wheelhouse will be for beginners and advanced readers + focuses on the Waite-Smith deck and Crowley’s Thoth. Tree of life, colors scales, second decan, sephiroth….if you’ve always wanted to know what those terms meant and/or how Golden Dawn influenced the symbolism (and what do they mean!) on the RWS/WCS and the Thoth deck, this is the podcast for you! The idea is to unlock any secrets behind that symbolism and help listeners become better tarot readers.

The first podcast launches tomorrow on Patreon, with The Fool. Want to see what The Magician is all about, as well as High Priestess and all the Majors after that: Susie and Mel would love for you to join them here:

Find podcasts by Fortune’s Wheelhouse here on iTunes

And here on Google Play

And to clue you in: if you’d like to see the 56 minor arcana too you could do them – and yourself -a favor and support the podcast through Patreon by becoming a patron. If they reach $418 in pledges the rest of the tarot deck is game! And there might be *additional* perks and giveaways involved. Of course you can also become a paid subscriber (the podcast is free, this is voluntary) if you simply lob-love-love them. If that will be the case for me…I’ll add my 2 cents on the actual podcast once it has launched. See you then!