New: Rosetta Tarot Papyrus edition | Thoth

10 February 2017

Rosetta Tarot Papyrus editionI don’t believe it is a huge secret I am a fan of MM Meleen’s work. And even if you are not or don’t like Golden Dawn inspired decks, you most likely can agree with me she has an enormous amount of creativity and a vast knowledge of everything esoteric and tarot.
So, when I heard there was going to be a new Rosetta Tarot edition I was very happy.

Meleen is going to publish a new *full sized* version of the Rosetta Tarot. This is the first deck she ever made, before the Tabula Mundi sequence. But only the pocket version in a tin was still available (I have the 1st edition: great! Only the quality of the paper leaves something to be desired for) and readers had been asking for a reprint of the full size for years, including the OOP Book of Seshet.



Rosetta Tarot Papyrus edition
So, hearing about a new release is a “yay!” to begin with, but this new Rosetta Tarot will really be new. She came up with a marvelous adjustment, typical for her style: Hand inked hieroglyphic titles on papyrus! So, no regular tarot titles like The Moon, but a papyrus background with those Egyptian figures.

It will be called: Rosetta Tarot: Papyrus edition. The companion, Book of Seshet, currently also out of print is indeed going to be released again too. Her website promises a reprint of  the book somewhere in 2017. I think a lot of Meleen fans are currently “Oh my god-ing” with joy.
Learning hieroglyphs
And if you think: ehm…this looks kinda cool, but what if I am new to tarot and/or still need those titles? Have no fear, cause with the edition comes a lesson in reading and writing the hieroglyphs on the cards. If you’re interested, go to her blog for more information and pictures. There it also says how to show you’d like to have one. I’ve put myself on the list already…of course ;-).

A review of her later deck, the black & white Tabula Mundi Nox & Lux can be read here. A colored version with the name Colores Arcus is also available, as well as Majors Only decks.

I admit: I have them all and am looking forward to testing out the Rosetta Tarot Papyrus edition as soon as it arrives here!