28 July 2015

Chariot_tarotThere are hundreds of decks out there and I hope to be able to review most of them. Here, on these pages. (To find out how to send them to me click contact or my review policy). Art, symbology, history and self empowerment…these are all passions and things that are important. And in tarot decks, whatever tradition you might read with, this all comes together.
So whether it is the Thoth, a Tarot de Marseille, Oracle-oriented or every single deck that comes out in the RWS, or Waite-Smith tradition, I would like to how it.
The same goes for my deck reviews as for my book reviews: everything is welcome as long as it fits in the idea of this blog and might be of service to one of my readers.

If you want to find all the reviews on decks you’ll find the complete category here. Another option is to look in the archive or click on the word decks in one of the published posts.