Moon Phase Calendar | App recommendation
App , Astrology , Recommendation / 8 April 2018

Moon Phase recommendation It’s entirely free, looks pretty slick, works on your own location and has all the answers you need when you use the lunar cycle for divination. What’s this amazing piece of software, you say? I am talking about the entirely gratis Android (maybe on iPhone too, but can’t check) application called Moon Phase Calendar by ProbadoSoft. You charge stones and cards in the Full Moon? With this app you’ll never have to wonder when that is. Are certain planets in particular signs important to your divining or actions: the app provides for you there too. Sun sign and zodiac signs of the lunar cycle are shown on different pages and you can even set alarms to be warned about the next Full or New Moon and to see in which sign we are ‘passing’. A few of the screens with info you get to see: Most importantly: if you happen to love and work with The Moon Oracle by Caroline Smith and John Astrop, this handy little app can count as the ideal replacement for the companion guide and its phase tables. With a simple flick of your thumb you’ll cruise from screen to screen. No Moon…

How to survive a holiday without your deck: 7 tips

First aid in tarot deck emergencies. 7 key tips on preventing divination distress.
Most readers are the same: we go on a holiday or business trip and plan the best decks to pack. That go-to tarot, that trust-y Lenormand, this new, cute oracle we bought last week, and perhaps we also had some Thoth or TdM studying to do. We soon end up with a bag full of decks and a big smile on our face: we are ready to rumble in whatever spot we land! But what if you end up on your destination sans oracle. NO trusted…

Arkartia: New steps for tarot online
App , News , Recommendation , Review , Tarot / 3 May 2017

Arkartia: Kickstarter Tarot Association So Arkartia. What’s that now?
I had promised to tell you a few of my thoughts – if that might help you in your ‘to pledge or not to pledge‘. Augmented reality apps, online communities, digital worlds and characters…they aren’t new in the pc-world, but they are in tarot. That is where the visionary part comes in with the newest project by the Tarot Association (TA): Arkartia. While many tarot readers are still taking their first steps into the whole online learning and sharing thing on (f.e.) Facebook, creators Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin are obviously ready for the next step. Sunday evening, April 30th they launched Arkartia, a combination of an online community, interactive map and accompanied by an app. Full disclosure: I already backed the project because if nothing else: I’d like to be part of new things in tarot (which is why I aptly chose to pledge as Pioneer). I personally think, but have to base that on what I have seen so far, that the project makes the Tarot Association a pioneer in its own right. Setting up a community where people can share within certain locations, integrate blogs, online readings, courses and…